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Top quality flicks as always @micahhawaiisome cool looking spots out there

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i just got back from STL and i was pretty disappointed with what i saw


NUKS doing his thing, hitting old spots and going over old stuff and bombing the legal wall and you and your buddies trashing a lot of good stuff, nice to see that T2...


i rode the metrolink all the way from shrewsbury to laclede's landing and i didn't see much along the line other than stuff that was already there... saw some wall that looked pretty new with KINK ONION and some others, couldn't get a good look but I saw a lot more ONION throughout the city where I was at, mostly back and forth along I44 and all out there by forest park, some DMV rooftop and other stuff i hadn't seen before.


there were a lot of really good blank spots I saw along the roads get to it :D

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fuck fuck AME, that pussy had long hair and wears girls jeans and has toy ass letters and no friends and only does graffiti because he is an art fag and his band wont have practice so that little toy dosent have any way to express his sexual frustrations and his crush on O.D.B.


and of for blood can suck my dick, none of thoes kids are tough, there all terrible artists and there even worse at vandalism, why do they even waste there time trying to be respected, there not worth the dog shit i steped in while fucking transexual hookers in north city.


hahaha, and if you think anyone in OFB cares that they suck this much, your right, they all are in a self help group since this internet website is wayt more important then having actual lives.

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oh this is not mac stl.

and AO kids will always suck.

haha there so bad, and not like i think OFB is better, because there not, we all know AO runs the lou, dog.




but to get to the point im on here for internet cred, and to tell the world that AME is a drugged out loser with nothing to live for because he has aids.

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