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Anyone seen any good shows at the Pageant? I ain't never been.


Its a great venue, but they tend to oversell, so it can get very crowded.


"It ranked fourth in the Top 100 Worldwide Club Venues list in 2008"



And I think there was a more recent worldwide ranking that again put it int the top 5.

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a·re·na   [uh-ree-nuh]




1. the oval space in the center of a Roman amphitheater for gladiatorial combats or other performances.

2. a central stage, ring, area, or the like, used for sports or other forms of entertainment, surrounded by seats for spectators: a boxing arena; a circus arena.

3. a building housing an arena.

4. a field of conflict, activity, or endeavor: the arena of politics.

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Really Dagr? Over ATO? A crew with more history than you are alive? Stupid fuckin toys.


Yes, the other photo fag has something to say. Fucking stupid disrespectful fucking toy. I mean, you are, not me. ha, i could see that statement saying I'm just some disrespectful toy.! However, I'm not dumb enough to go over true kings. Flex TKO all you want kid, while it might stand for "True Kings Only" for you it's "Toy Kid Obsolete"


God, that felt good.


The whirlwind of hate will come. I expect it on my flickr page as well. From yer fuckin toy friends too.


See you at the floodwall son.

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