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It's a graffiti forum, we can discuss what's posted, and some of us do appreciate your contributions to the thread, just keep doing what you do, and you can always add people to your ignore list if you don't wanna hear the bullshit

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All I'm sayin.. I thought this forum was for flicks of whats up. So lets see some flicks y'all. Internet beef is for kids, toys and fucks who live with their parents. I find the ill shit to show peeps whats up. Then I get messages saying don't post that shit. Well, fuck, if you dont like it, post some other shit, or, better yet, paint something so I can flick it? I post whats goin on, so it stands to pass that if you dont dig my flicks, then you don't dig whats goin on, so, fuckface, get the fuck up! Make a difference instead of complaining!


If everyone thinks that STL is such a lost cause, or a shit town full of toys, are y'all just gonna sit back and watch? If you fucking care so much, do something about it. Then, finally, I can have some ill shit to post, this thread won't be a waste of time and this town won't be considered a joke.


If not, shut the fuck off. Sitting on thread whining about how "lame shit is, and so and so is a toy and i'll choke you and i fucked your girl" doesn't make the scene grow. It just makes you look like you're 11 years old.


This town needs help. Fucking help it. Shitting on it, and shitting on 12oz does absolutely no good whatsoever.


I expect shitty dumb replies. I know some kids will crap on what I say, which is funny, it's those same mongoloid fucks who shit on the town anyway. Whatever. Do the thread a favor, do the scene a favor, and just PM me. The kids don't need to see you kids waste time. Just post flicks. Just get up. Just shut the fuck up too.

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