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The following is a stoned rant from someone whose shortly been a part of this local Graff scene

and been watching it for a lot longer. Take it or leave it. But you all knoe there is a good amount

of truth is these letters arranged into words


Hoax=og status. The floodwall all you toys take forgranted wouldn't exist without him and LD

That's who and what put Americas most dangerous city on the map.

Horse and kink continue to step their game up. So far past anything else new coming outta this

town it puts anyone who calls themselves a graff artist from the lou to shame or gives you much

incentive to step your game up. That one depends on if your a hater or not.

The past two-three pages highlight some of the best ish to come outta this city.

Obces, Hoax, Hence, Amens, Vatoe and then Stun, Wae, etc basically all the old school rite

Kink, Horse, and the writers they bring in town are the only thing keeping this city alive.

Jigl, Seap, Dems, Reft, etc.

You never see writers passing thru any more. Why would they we/you are dead to the rest of the game.

And where would 12oz be without a nod to the photographers. I love this shit being documented but still

can't deciede if giving people a reason to check and come to the Internet is a good thing or not.

I think as long as they discriminate and only keep posting the higher quality stuff, it's a good thing.

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it's time to fix this town. for the better.


i don't think i was around yet, but wasn't there a time when everyone was one big happy family?


i got the chance to get a history lesson from toat, and see a lot of old old flicks. like flicks from the original floodwall project, and stun running the show down there, and all of those dudes doing huge burners. he's right about the floodwall wouldn't exist without Stun, Hoax, and the original LD heads.

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well i mean, kc has some really fucking nice writers doing work, but it seems like stl is more bombing influenced instead of legals like it seems in kc. i am an out of towner, im only down there ever so often to paint, so my opinion might be off, im just saying


true stl is nice n grimey like that. :D word is bomb :D

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