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this has been the popular thing amongst the toys in stl, i guess its starting to infest kc too...




pretty sure this is LUSH


ya know that guy that paints...... A lot.



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Your a complete and utter idiot.


No, I think the guy, buying paint, and self-promoting the 4 spots and bedroom wall jocked graff style shit he painted for the first time in his life, would be the complete and utter idiot


There will always be haters, so dont take the bullshit personally. Even the best get hated on out of jealousy. For you it's different Your getting hate because you didnt take the time to learn this shit yourself, and no one on here wants to be your daddy and teach it to you.


Stick with it, get off the hype bandwagon, learn to do your own thing, as you grow up, you might learn something, get better, and get noticed.

But until them hold back from posting on here. Your only hurting yourself. You will know when to come back because someone else will notice your shit and take the time to find it and post it for you.


Keep creeping around here though. Through all the shit talking and self-promo crap you can actually learn some shit! Dont have any shame in jocking(as you obviously already don't) you can only get a away with now while you're still starting.


It's for your own good, your only digging your grave by doing anything else on the internet, it;s counter productive to you, your graff, and graffiti as a whole.



KRAYLON MURDER SQUAD, that oldschool HOAX, MPULSE STUN shit, makes one nostalgic for the good ol' missourah daze

PAINT LOUIS back when stl had heart, and was landmark of the midwest for graffiti,,, damn well fell off HARD

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