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Louisville, KY?

a guy called twinkie

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i am from ky, but not Louisville.

I know there is a transit, possibly a yard if you'd think about hittin that up

well its fucking ky, not too many cops to really be worried about, like in any town(especially new ones) watch you back,don't paint until after 12,scope out the spot in the day, always have an escape route, and just the other common knowledge

where i live you have to worry more about actual people than the pigs

just don't be stupid and don't leave anything behind

what plans did you have in mind?

well i'm probably no help, but maybe a little


if you'd be lucky enough...see if you can catch up with a writer from around the area...cause i'm not sure how hot the town is..if at all

maybe someone can show you around.............well...good luck

i'll be glad to answer any

other questions you've

got if you think i


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