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New 2 THA game! opinions wanted!

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i remember when dorkstar called me out one day... for biting his 3D R's.



i almost commented on his page because i think his sketches are a lot cleaner than what he paints.. but thats cool, my sketches and my pieces are equally sloppy.


hey but check this out at least people are visiting this piece!!




NICE SKETCH ETHER!! holla atcha boy up in seattle dawg POTC Represent!!!(and atd for KWAZ, Grets, Vigski, Ryet and the other dude haymez or.. something!) HOLLA

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i accused you of biting on of my "R"'s??? hmmm i dont recall this... so sorry if i did. my style sucks... so i dont know why anyone would want to bite anything of mine... but really tho... im diggin alot of this stuff. very interesting... kinda like an overseas style. i dig it. and again... sorry if i was dick when i accused you of biting. *steps down from high horse*... peace

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