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Don't Call it Frisco

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its funny coming on here after 7 years and re-reading all my beefs with strangers on here. so pointless and immature. I wanna apologize to everyone i ever had beef with. shit was fuckin retarded and i

fuck the police fuck em all black lives matter

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post the rest of his history, how about him snitching when he wrote exum, bogle saying it was true but that he learned his lesson, or how about his krew und getting punked by the tko's to start capping the ofa and pm krews over there in Vegas. Looks like he was just getting used. News travels. if youre gonna post someones history, post all of it. Look how fast I got all this information and I've never set foot in gay ass Vegas. I aint hating on Keep cause he does put in his damage here, keep on doing your thing keep, but just postin his history. You make it sound like this kid is all perfect.


catch me chillin in the bay all day



Simply amazing. I love it when people actually put street work and credit to the side and speak facts. Regardless of what they're doing now, everybody has a starting point. Foo's tend to forget about those days tho, Gufe for instance, lets not get into that tho. Keep spittin the facts, fuck letting snitches and such running around trying to hide their truths. expose the TRUTH!!!!

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I think it's hella funny when ppl are like fuck keep he bites..then gives a breif history lesson on keep, it's like the study his ass and shit...but thats what happens when you start to come up hella quick..


--along with fame comes everything else--

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


i'm diggin what i've seen from keep, although I dont agree with him self promoting his work. Let's actually talk fact's though. norm wasn't the first person to do those letters, and msk has influenced so many people, I see so many msk influences and see things that I thought of my own that msk has already done with more style. I dont think it's a bite and I think keep has some style from what i've seen. btw if you're not crushing the bay shut the fuck up. you dont have an opinion yet, keep just stop self promoting and ignore these kid's sitting behind their monitors. I like what acq has been doing except for going over some oldschool cat's.

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Guest nutsonmychin!

Re: Don't Call it Frisco


omg. shut up


or start a thread for anyone who gives a shit. who cares if he posts pics, it sf graff, this is where it goes. and if has alotta pictures up, it cause he paints alot. dont like it paint more. or dont look here.


dumbest shit ever, getting annoyed that someone is posting too many flicks of graffiti in a thread for graffiti flicks. like going to a bar and bitching about drunks.

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like going to a bar and bitching about drunks.


-thats true.


This whole Keep sideshow had the desired result - now we know of Keep, recognize Keep style, bump or dis Keep, Keep on Keepin Keep in your mouf, for Keep's sake.


Keep it real.



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