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Don't Call it Frisco


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it's funny how getting at your ex is dissing her. putting it on the net. letting everyone know you got played. the graffiti enquirer. plasma is a snitch. giant is a dry snitch lush is played out and hype gin broke up. gossip bout it


and meanwhile that London dude (Eine) with his one font, boring tag lines, and wack colors schemes is getting illegal walls turned into his legal walls all over? How is he any different from plasma?

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Pear is porking gin now :lol:


Graffiti hoes are like graffiti butterflies. Too bad I couldn't fuck some popular graffgirl instead of doin all the nights i left parties walkin , jail time and fines for the millions of damage I put in. Hahaha.

Don't get involved with girls that do what u do. Find the blonde ones with money that jumped on the hiphopwagon.

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