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Don't Call it Frisco

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and while they argued about bs on 12oz... the largest wall in sf... :(


sounds familiar, no?

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so you're doing the standing up for other people? I'm not getting involved with the situation,just voicing my opinion. I have been around a long time,I'm sure longer than you. I already said people need to figure it out on their own, then handle it. you're obviously not here or from here,so you're again doing the work that others need to be doing. in closing, it doesn't matter if its 1980 or 2011. snitches get stiches or end up in ditches. you youngsters figure it out and stop soft shoein things.


naw..your so called rules and status don't apply to this...so what if you've been around for along time...so what if someones from here or not...you don't know small details about shit that in the end has nothing to do with you.....this information needed to be put out there



this is the shit bombers need to know...fuck trying to call this the same as snitching when the fagot who is being exposed is a snitch......EVERYONE MUST know.....


snitches get stitches but lets be real..your not active right now so this doesn't pertain to you and your not given him stitches...and fools have already beat that niggas ass and the beating will continue until he stops writing or leaves sf..one of the two..


i needed to know this shit...that fagot ZACK came up to me in situations where im painting and that nigga is all asking questions and trying to be cool??? fuck that...


knowing what i know now will prevent any further bullshit on the street when i see him..


when people are painting they will now know that they need to get that nigga out the area cus he will drop dimes like a little bitch...


think what you will and tell me how your such a vet and you've been around for ever..



guess what ....that was yesterday....we live in today....and today its known that




fuck that ....theres not one excuse you could try to preach on anyone that is gonna change that fact.

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so its about respect..well i dont respect a sellout..i respect self expression..theres no price 4 that

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