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Don't Call it Frisco

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its funny coming on here after 7 years and re-reading all my beefs with strangers on here. so pointless and immature. I wanna apologize to everyone i ever had beef with. shit was fuckin retarded and i

fuck the police fuck em all black lives matter

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wats the graff life lol doing hella drugs and kickin it with kids half ya age lmao. homie puts in work in graf but cant say much bout the rest of his life almost 30 still livin with ya mama jeje.


Dude's way over 30, fyi.

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Unamed is going for the Anonymous Hater Cheerleader of the year award...


Everyone shows Swrv respect because he's killin shit you little nerd... if you put in less work, quality might be more important, but when you just annihilate shit everywhere, perfection is not important. Where he lives isn't important, what dude looks like doesn't matter... he gets paint and he crushes shit more than most people are right now and he's been doing it consistently for some years now.... all over the east bay, deep east bay, north bay, south bay, frisco, you name it... dude's more or less got the bay on lock.


All ur bitching, complaining, whining and crying about how u hate the taste of his dick in ur mouth but you can't seem to get it out ur mouth tho is just dumb.... we don't give a shit, we respect work gettin done. Swrv and the AMC crew be goin hard in the paint while you sit on ur computer flappin ur gums and running off at the jaw...

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfaQB67X-yE you little punks better be about all that shit that you talk or dont say nothing cuz youre just taking up space and you sound like a bitch. if you got something to say about someones name go steal a marker and line there shit and just like that youve got straight to the point without talking or typing any shit.
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