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Don't Call it Frisco


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Help 12oz. while hooking up your account for whats to come, Quickstrike contests are back around again and we are ready to give away VIP memberships for those who support and show our loyal advertisers love by checking out what they got to offer.



Most members think that VIP has a limited offering aside from whats on the general forum, but with whats to come, most of that talk will be water under the bridge.

With all these site wide changes comes bigger, better & more valuable prizes, which will be exclusive to VIP members. with that said you can either support and add up those free VIP weeks or you can pay for the chance to enter VIP later. The choice is yours…





Please submit all answers via PM. If you drop any answers within this thread,you'll get banned for 2 weeks. Negative comments will also be treated as a reason for getting banned.



Contest ends 45 minutes from post dated time. This means you have till 3:00 pm EST..

Answer the following questions and get 1 week free of VIP.


1. Under the Talk link… what is the blog entry subject name on the May 31st post?


2. Under the Show link…. On May 2nd whats the person's name featured in this video?


3. Under the Tune link…name the song contributed by Diplo?


** for an additional extra week of VIP, take a screen grab of any other banner ad running on the homepage index and submit along with your answers.


its that simple.



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