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Don't Call it Frisco


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man fuck you fagggssss wtf if you fagggs know that graff toy that tags mine ask him about us that bitch sees runs from us every time he sees us!!!!! we all nite in in the sf shit hole!!!! ha ha ha ha hahahahahahah........ come get some!!!!!


Never heard a more pathetic lie in my life. Uh its the other way around. Name a time and place and I guarantee you would be a no show

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


^^^ That shit is soooo sweet................


And the screen name thing, What prove in a court of law who is on the other side of this screen............ You cant it's here say!!! For all you know im fuckin santa claus and the easter bunny uses this screen name sometimes too!!!!


Oh and to the peanut gallery pipe down your the undercover fAN, Go say hY to your mom for me....... I dont even know who's mom im diggin out but he know's who is diggin out his mom....... HAHAHA

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