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Don't Call it Frisco


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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


scratching] On a Warm San Francisco Night


[Verse 1]

Knight Lord Radio, held back by the Bay Bridge faded,

Trying to find Smiley's house, thank G-d we made it

Yo, blunts, broads and beats, keepin' low through the streets

And niggas givin' us pounds cause of these dope-ass sounds

We run aground like ships, over these beats I flip

The bass is hittin' so hard that your CD skips

Well check it out, make sure it doesn't happen again

I got my grip on it, so turn it up to volume ten

Volume ten, word, like that brother from LA

Lord Radio and Hellbot be streakin' through the Bay

We all-citiy like the Mayor, you see my name

I'm more fresh shit, the creep tailor,

The G for international ladies like a sailor,

Like a sailor I get drunk and bust flows to the beat

Like my man J, I feel the Agony in Defeat

Cause sucka-chumps wanna test, step like we don't know

We doin, we doin shows in San Francisco

That's right young writer, got a hit for all you biters

Time to bless another track we getting rid of the whack

We put em in the back with the other Tapenze shit

Beats hit hard, make the trolly do olly

Old folks grabs their talus and vacate the bay

See a name in Northern Lights, there's love in Double K

We getting wild for the night, we getting wild for the night

And it all weighs down, what, what


On A Warm San Francisco Night

Yo, rocking shows for you and your crew

On A Warm San Francisco Night

We rollin blunts and doin the do

On A Warm San Francisco Night

We doin shows wit a mic check a one two

On A Warm San Francisco Night

BUTS is on a bad cover crew

On A Warm San Francisco Night


[Verse 2]

We's drinkin, smoking, more smoking, more drinking

Didn't think about the morning hangover, just didn't want to be sober

Yo Radio, tell me how did you feel,

Like I'll never catch a DUI, get gas,

Peel, make a left, yo it's the Double K

Ay, ay what's up

Roll up the windows and spark the joint

Yo, you didn't have to ask twice

Smokin on top of the hill, so we can peep the city life

I'm on award tour, we got it locked like Alcatraz

Doin the San Francisco show I'm sure you realize

Ring the drums like Harvey Ray's son try it

Better look next time, try to step the beat

You in the Bay punk, I guess you ain't about LA

Yo Double K, tell ‘em who's unique with the beats

BUTS shows and San Francisco treats

A San Francisco treat is like some Riceroni

Put it in your mouth and let it run down the middle just like Moni

Phony homey, can never rock the party

Your whack-ass crew gets called out

See I play the rod-roddy come on now

To the south punks have you feelin the concrete

Have you askin questions from your hands to your feet

You don't want to do the shit that I'm offering

Sayin that Pete can't rock your city, (what) who, you make a fool

Very often we win, yo very sudden we lose

Spice rockin' yo whole mother-fuckin city


On A Warm San Francisco Night

Yo, rollin blunts and doin the do (the do, the do)

On A Warm San Francisco Night

Chillin wit your girl and her crew (her crew, her crew)

On A Warm San Francisco Night

Scaring old people, still doin the do (we're doin the do)


Yeah, making collect calls to another area code, we mowed

We be the 310, we be the main extension I be the Double K

And we crowning, ounces, vodka, whatever, juice, ludes,

San Francisco here we come, we're coming back we gonna have some fun

Much love to the Bay Area


(On A Warm San Francisco Night)

Rockin' the discos, startin' the fights

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Ah na ju dident.....




goooooooooood shiiiiit....and its good to leave for a week and com ack expcting there to be 20 pages of straight bullshit and no flicks, but to be surprised with the exact opposite mad props to overcrossover for keepin this shit popin ill have flicks to post in a minute got hella to go through

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