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Don't Call it Frisco


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What is this Zeb Francisco? I watched that kid get his stickers up on Mission...typical kid with a scowl. Yeah, I watched you but you no seeme. They never do. I'm blended hard like pillar of dirty bricks. I will produce some flicks from this town today.


this is what pisses me off. you come , you are noone here and yet you claim here.




shootin shit with bb guns is way cool whern you are 9 or 10.

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


cleo you should just go out and get up. keep the hate off of the net.







and having over 1,000 posts is something to be embarassed about. graff is a "catching attention sport".this board is the wrong ballpark for that mentality.

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


more people need to flick&post but dont "have the time"

im one busy motherfucker and i carry a camera on my lap whenever im i the car/bus. then i check 12oz when i got the time and post. if you got the time to be on 12oz then your not that busy, it takes a few seconds more to post a flick with a comment. even if you have to steal one like this...



...only directed to the fools not postin flicks...

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