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Don't Call it Frisco


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whats that say "ERZSE"? thats the worst reyes bite i have ever seen kids like that need to stay home and think about what they are making themselfs look like...!!!...!!!...!!!...!!!goddamnit...


it has the same letters except 4 the y :D

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zeb better hope so..........but i don't see anything written on homeboy's shit..... come on dogg.... use yer head.


That nigga checked a fresh JAUT billboard piece on Upper Market too.


No beef or dis on Zeb, but shit man, what happened to style etiquette? As in, don't check some dudes funky piece with your generic throw. Left the entire right half of the piece hangin out. Nigga Jaut is local too. How you gonna come dissin from WA?

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


found this


Writers T Shirt

For sometime I have wanted to create a t shirt paying homage to the graffiti writers who have inspired me and whom I have much respect for their work. The first time I saw the t shirt designed by the Experimental Jetset design group ‘John & Paul & Ringo & George’ I immediately was drawn to the simplicity of Helvetica and knew it would work perfectly as a homage to both the bay area graffiti writers and Experimental Jetset. I find it provoking to see the writers word used in Helvetica Neue. A writer is known for their handstyle but in this form the viewer is forced to focuse on the writers word. I have worn the shirt around the question I get repeatitvly is “what is Log & Tie” (people can not read Adek so that is how far down the tee shirt they get) what I love about it is if this shirt was designed using graffiti letters people would just by pass the shirt and already have the category of graffiti. It kind of fucks with people in that way and also generates an interest in people who would not necessarily ask about graffiti writers. My girlfriend was outside of church with our son and they both were waring the tee shirt all the church ladies could not keep their eyes off the shirt. I think people are now more drawn to letters because we are as a society so over saturated with images making letters fresh and a bit of a novlety.

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