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Don't Call it Frisco


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So wait is this like what happened when all the MSK came here and all the local guys got all hurt because some LA guys were killing this city harder than anyone else at the time, or ever for that matter, and there was that crew.... I cant remember the name, but it was like all the locals that werent really doing much against MSK ans MSK took the crown and kept going and most of the other guys fell through the cracks and dissappeared and/or stopped writing. Is this whats happenening now with the whole FN AQ bullshit... History repeats itself I guess.



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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


fat stacks- straight up, if you have issues hit me up in person, get up in the streets, do some REAL shit. the internet is for fake ass chumps. you wanna show how hard you are and how you will handle us. come to the streets. they will speak for themselves. id be down to punch your face in, battle you, which ever way you choose to go out blood. lets do this.

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go to newcomb and ask for jets find out who i am


cuddie. ur not from newcomb at all mah nigga. I be all through sunnydale to tha point. and thats not your hood chump. stop frontin for the net mah nigga and just keep it real. we all know you're a bitch ass punk. so dont front cuz real niggaz know your lying.


and plus mah cousin is on newcomb each and every fuckin day and he dont know you by far.


so come up wit a new location to claim you from.

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AQ is good and theyre doing there thing but comparing AQ to MSK is stupid


Not comparing AQ to MSK at all. Just comparing the situation.


In fact, from their styles it looks like AQ wants to be MSK.


Keep it real, internet thuggin and real thuggin are two very different things.


Like I said, meet up a Dolores Park and duke it out.


When did graffiti become a test of who is tougher?

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Re: Don't Call it Frisco


jets and VF used to kill shit back in the day i think theres still a jets tag runnin on van ness and geary somewhere round there...fyall gfunk...theres some new Verse shots in the muni thread too...all this battle talk is stupid cause your askin a bunch of ogs to come back and write on shit like they have to prove shit to these outta towners

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from their styles want to be msk? just last week it was "theyre tryin to be tko" hahaha.

come on now, theres lotsa crews out there doin the exact same thing, AQ has maybe 3 writers that would fall into that style but they paint other shit too. now enuff with this AQ 12oz talk.

and if youve never been in a fight over graffiti then you aint up or you havent been in the game long enuff. fighting is definitly an element of graffiti. especially when fools talkin shit dont write, you cant just go hit their name up to cross it out. or could you... hahaha. fuck im always runnin outta beer.

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