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Don't Call it Frisco

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Originally posted by alleygator@Apr 13 2005, 03:54 PM

thats what graffiti is all about, VANDALISM

i didnt know there were rules for vandalism

even criminals have etiquette. mobsters, con men, theives, politcians.....people have guidelines.

when i was comming up it was dont paint on...

1 churches. weathewr your religious or not (and it just so happens that i am not. my hate for any organized religion is surpassed only by my hatred of ignorant ass writers.) its just bad form to vandalise a place where most people go to feel some solice.

2 independantly owned businesses. these people are not the corporate machine of death. these are the people you want to SUPPORT. screw a fucking walmart, but localy owned business are so not the enemy.

3 other peoples art. regaurless as to weather they got paid to do it( and if they did more power to them because art scholl is fucking expensive and with this administration in power and artists making money is a damn miracle.) its just once again bad form.


so fine you are a thugged out hard rock that dont give a sheeeeit. fine. but you look like a jack ass pulling this shit.

it used to be all about crossing out some big name to get cheap fame, but now you write over things that are shittty form and then act all "i dont give a fuck...yo i is haaaard core bombin!! vandalism aint gots not rullllllz nigguuuuuz!!!" about it and now you have your cheap fame. and with out the beef youd have gotten with just going after a big name.


its all gay. im not trying to front like graffiti isnt vandalsim, but like i said before... criminals have etiquette. bad form kids. act how you want. just a bunch of piss ants.

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Originally posted by hoopala@Apr 16 2005, 12:52 AM

post more ak47, brutal



ak47 is a fuckin toy for goin for cheap fame the mission is lookin for this creep watch your back ak47 its on

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Originally posted by decomposed32@Apr 16 2005, 10:39 AM





is this an outtatowner?

i remeber meeting this guy, he's some loser ass mark who is full of himself. i almost cracked his shit for trying to take my marlboro miles...

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