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Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!!


Some cat's been doing "Juice!" throwups here recently and I figured I'd let you all know if you already don;t... On Sam Cooper, the FOE/KSRA throws that were on that trailer.. well he dissed both throws.


i saw this kids stuff around old downt town, shits pretty jank. sucks that trailer got dissed...

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Here are the current prices, we take paypal or cash.

If in TN then 9.25% sales tax.

Outside of Memphis, then plus shipping.



Montana Colors Spray Paint

MTN Hardcore 400ml -$4.00 each (monaco blue, toasted brown)

MTN Alien 250ml -$3.00 (alexandria pink)

Pocket Cans- $2 (red, white , silver)

XXXL can Chrome - $4.50


OTR Markers.

.006 $3.00 Circle Tips (blk,blazing red,royal blue)

.065 $5.00 Moppin Marker (White, Black, Blazing Red)

.030 $3.00 Streetduster (Neon Blue, Neon White)

.010 $2.80 (blk,blue)

.050 $3.00 (blk,navy,red,violet)

.060 $5.00 (blk,red , blue, yellow, purple)

.084 $5.00 Flowpens (Violet, Black,blue)

.070 $5.00 Jumbo Hard 2 Buff - Blk

.093 $6.00 (Blk, red, green)



KRINK 8oz Ink $12.00 (blk,)

KRINK 4oz Mops $7.00 (blk,silver)



Do 'Em Dirty OUTDOORSMAN Ink $11 (black)

Do 'Em Dirty INDOORSMAN Ink $11 (black,blue)

Garvey XT-70 Violet 8oz $10

MARSH T-Grade QT $19 (blk.wht)



Empty Ultra Wide 1 1/2" Marker:$4

Empty Molotow Marker 6/10" (with pump action):$3

Empty Mini Drippy Mop $2.50




Style Wars 2 disc DVD:$18

Piece by Piece DVD:$17

Write & Unite DVD:$10

War 1&1 DVD:$15

War3 DVD:$15

Tats Cru DVD: $13.00

Graffiti TV 9: $12.00

Teenagers From Uranus : $12

Bench Warmers 5: $10

FUK Graff Vol 1.: $10

FUK Graff Vol 2.: $10

FUK Graff Vol 3.: $10



Scotty Shirts: $7



CAPS: (minimum order of 20 caps per style)

Calligraphy Red .20 each

German outline .20 each

Gold Dots Skinny .20 each

Grey Dots .20 each

NYF 10pk .05 each

NYT 10pk .05 each

Rusto FATS .05 each

Orange Dots .20 each

Pink Dots .20 each



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