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Originally posted by bumpyhead75@Dec 27 2005, 08:11 PM

wow..phillys gotta be whack when a nyorker goes down there and wrecks that city..lol..thats what ya get from a town where the local little nieghborhood toys diss someone like pose 2..a true old skool king! and the coolest muthafucka out there..



Aint nothing whack about Philly you moron. You have no idea what you're talking about. Alot of our writers bomb harder than ANYWHERE else. It must be sweet living in a city that has no real buff. You can go out once or twice a week and do a little something here and there and accumilate rep after a while like that. We have to do this shit FULL-TIME to get rep. Pose is a cool cat but the dudes that are ragging him have their reasons. And they aint exactly neighborhood toys.

And yeah, My man Boner is definatly getting it the fuck in like a BEAST, but he aint even been here long enough to wreck the whole city yet. I would deffinately not sleep on him though.

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