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Hot Tea Drinkers

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Originally posted by Rodney Trotter@Jan 21 2005, 10:04 AM

They taste like shit when compared to this: Twinnings


I'm a freak for tea.


I see twinnings all the time in the grocery store my house but automatically assumed that it was garbage since it was next to all the lipton, nestea etc.


I only remember seeing a red box though? I'll check it out again.

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Originally posted by SteveAustin@Jan 21 2005, 02:20 PM



I'd imagine this would bomb the hell out of the english version.



bomb? but I thought they had a cease fire?


:haha: :rolleyes:


and isn't an irish breakfast wiskey with bailey's in it?


:haha: :haha: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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now this is my kind of thread.... you cant beat tea... ever :love2: ... ive always found in america, they cant make it right... the water needs to be boiling, as opposed to just hot, which is how most places out there seem to make it. i know its a cliche, but england is the place for tea (regular, "english breakfast" just seems like a posh name for your average bag of PG tips.) i dont experiment with many funky teas.. ill do a rooibosh quite happily, and im always intriqued by friut tea. it always smells so fucking good.. but then tastes absolutly nothing like it. apart from that, im more than happy with "english tea", a little milk (semi-skinned) and NEVER any sugar. northern tea. as for brands... tetley does fine... dont get me wrong, i complelty appreciate fine blend teas, but i drink so much, i cant afford to pay that extra each time i run out, plus if you drink the best all the time, surley youd become accustomed to it, and then Everything would seem nastier. :huh: tetly_Teabags_Softbags_240.jpg so anyway, this is what i get normally.


if im feeling slightly richer, ill go for this... plus im makeing the world a better place through fair trade..

its pretty good. NEW%20Teadirect%20packs%20160%20+%2080%20tea%20in%20cup%20white.jpg

so.... i guess i went slightly off the deep end... i love this shit man. its an addiction :king: . 15 cups a day and growing...

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serouly I know I'm not supposed to say this but just boil water and dump like an dime bag worth of weed in it and drink that it really relax you




I'm just sayin I'm not tring to be stupid


it works and less side effects or more I really can't telll :shook: :shook:

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I got a mate gourd and bombilla yesterday from my in-laws. They are from Chile and it made them proud to be able to put some culture into there gringo son-in-law. I'm stoked.


Also - by the way, PG TIPS is pretty awesome. I've been drinking a TON of it lately.

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Guest imported_b0b

That TeaDirect makes a lovely strong full flavoured cuppa - it is always the one in my house.


There are usually at least 5 differenttypes of tea on my shelves: oolong tea, jasmine tea, teadirect teabags, earl grey tea bags and Morrocan mint tea too (or gunpowder or russian caravan tea to make mint tea with).


Fuck coffee.

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