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mental invalid

a little astrology for the weekend

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.....yeah you hate or love it.....r.



ARIES (March 21-April 19)


People are drawn to you now because they want to be resuscitated, incited, even thunderstruck. They secretly hope you'll be the strong, tasty medicine they're half-afraid of. They want you to be like a time-release miracle drug that goes on working long after they've swallowed you whole. So what would you get out of providing such a wonderful service? First, a chance to bolster and refine your integrity; if you're going to have that much influence, you'll have to be sure you're acting with the purest motivations. And secondly, Aries, you'll receive paybacks--although sometimes indirectly--in the form of gifts and love.









TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


Beware of mounting desires to stuff your face with chocolate and ice cream. Guard against a growing fondness for sugary emotions and syrupy words. You should even be skeptical of any attractions you might have for niceness and innocence. It's not that any of these longings are inherently wrong, of course--just that they'd be counterproductive unless they're mixed with stronger measures. What you really need is a rough, tough sweetness. A wild, robust sweetness. A sweetness that can kick ass and move mountains.









GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


Ready to become a more powerfully vulnerable lover? The astrological time is ripe. Here are some hints to facilitate you. As much as you've been hurt when you've had your heart broken in the past, you should also be grateful. That stinging sadness has helped make you more sensitive to both your own feelings and those of other people; it has shaped you into a more compassionate soul who's acutely attuned to how fragile we all are. If you're lucky, the romantic sorrows of old have made you so brave you're now willing to risk everything for real love. You've become smart enough to act is if there's nothing more important than opening yourself to a beauty that excites your deepest reverence.









CANCER (June 21-July 22)


You don't need my mothering. You don't need clucking advice or the crotchety voice of experience or famous experts' tips on how to change yourself. In fact, my dear Cancerian, you don't need anything or anyone unless they fuel your serious quest to have more fun. I use the word "fun" advisedly, knowing that in common parlance it implies frivolous distraction and the compulsive pursuit of consumer fantasies. But in Brezsny's Dictionary for Hope Fiends, "fun" is defined as follows: "a guilt-free encounter with delight that raises your IQ by inspiring you to break out of your limited self-image and ask for more than you've ever dared."









LEO (July 23-Aug 22)


You haven't been asking the wrong questions, exactly. It's just that you haven't been asking the most precisely relevant questions. So naturally you're not getting fabulously useful answers. Want to borrow some of mine? Try these: 1. What information or experience would you need in order to heal your divided sense of home? 2. How can you attract into your life the person or influence that'll motivate you to make the root changes you seem unable to accomplish under your own power? 3. How can you burn away the 90 percent of your fear that's all in your mind so you can concentrate on the other 10 percent that's really worth worrying about?









VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22)


I see it as your job to make a mess-- a constructive, interesting mess, of course--in any place that's beginning to resemble a museum. Not that I'd be so irresponsible as to suggest you do this in an actual museum. I don't think you should literally turn paintings upside-down or spray-paint the bust of a Greek god. But imagine pulling off the benevolent equivalent of these pranks in an environment where excessive order and decorum are causing an increasingly painful decline in soulful, spontaneous vitality. Try a little healing mischief, please.









LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)


[Editor's note: To mark the start of a new chapter in your own personal Book of Love, Libra, we're reviewing some useful guidelines. Last week's horoscope dealt with what love is not; this time we'll cover what love is.] Love thrives when neither partner takes things personally, so please cultivate your devotion to forgiveness and divest yourself of the urge to blame. Love is a game in which the rules keep changing, so be crafty and improvisational as you stay alert for each unexpected twist of fate. Love enmeshes you in your partner's unique set of karmic complications, so make sure you're very interested in his or her problems. Love is a laboratory where you can uncover secrets about yourself that have previously been hidden, so be ravenously curious.









SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)


The writing is on the wall. In case you're having trouble deciphering the graffiti-style script, I'll translate: "Knock this damn wall down. It ain't protecting you from what you fear and it's isolating you from what you love." What do you think of that, Scorpio? I'll tell you my opinion: You should do what the message demands--and more. Once you get the hang of destroying rock-solid illusions, I suggest you keep demolishing. A good choice for your next target would be the mental block that's prevented you from bidding goodbye to a pretty lie. After that, how about toppling that jerk on a pedestal?









SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)


Scholar Robert Graves tells us that "In ancient Ireland, the ollave, or master-poet, sat next to the king and was privileged, as none but the queen was, to wear six different colors in his clothes." The ollave, he adds, was also a judge and seer, and tutored the king in morality. In contrast, our culture relegates poets to the margins of every debate. After September's terrorist attack, for example, only Maya Angelou, in an ephemeral appearance on Nightline, managed to crack the procession of pundits, lawyers, and politicians that dominated the airwaves. I propose, Sagittarius, that we're all suffering from a dearth of lyrical, non-literal views. You of all people can't afford to tolerate this soul-killing ambiance. For God's sake, drink in good poetry a.s.a.p. Suggestions: Rumi, Hafez (also spelled "Hafiz"), Neruda, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Robert Bly.









CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)


You're like a dream-weaver who has just remembered you're dreaming. You're like a singer with the power to deliver lyrical wake-up calls that are as tender as a lullaby. You're like a wizard in possession of an elixir that will bestow disciplined enthusiasm on whoever drinks it. You're like an inspired foreman who has had a vision of how your employees can be motivated to do even better work and enjoy their jobs more.









AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)


All signs point up, Aquarius. So do the metaphors. When I asked my meditating mind to provide images to match your astrological omens, three bubbled to the surface of my awareness: spawning salmon leaping their way upstream and ascending a waterfall; angels struggling to climb a frayed rope ladder to the cupola of a hovering hot-air balloon; and a boy in medieval garb arduously shimmying up a towering beanstalk leading to a castle in the clouds. Here's my interpretation: Though you'll have to push hard to accomplish it, you're destined for a higher perch and a sweeping vista. Halloween costume suggestions: spawning salmon, an angel holding a ladder, Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk" fame.









PISCES (Feb 19-March 20)


Can the human aura be seen by talented psychics who have opened their third eyes? Maybe, though I don't know for sure. I myself am unimpeachable evidence, however, that auras can be sniffed by those who have activated their second noses. In fact, I can smell your aura all the way from here. It's pungent but enticing, zesty and brisk. It reminds me of a fragrance I once enjoyed while in the presence of an inspired artist--a blend of oil paints and turpentine, espresso and pizza, night-blooming jasmine in the garden outside, and the tangy mix of sweat and endorphins wafting from the genius at work. My interpretation: You are primed to create a tour de force that will dramatically expand your world.

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Guest BROWNer

whoa...mine mentions graffiti...

these are always amusing....

i've been destroying rock solid illusions

for a long time........

no mental block from a lie either.


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you know... i usually read the first statement and dismiss this shit as fiction but i know that there are 3 breakdowns of each sign and mine is fucking dead on. www.amazon.com peep the birthday book and the relationship book. it'll bake your noodles...

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"You're like a wizard in possession of an elixir that will bestow disciplined enthusiasm on whoever drinks it."


hahahahahhahahahahahahahha...jeeebus..im throwing a kegger this weekend too?!?! who knew this stuff accually works..

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Guest Pilau Hands

"You are primed to create a tour de force that will dramatically expand your world."


give it to me straight doc,

what the fuck is it talking about?

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allright you cut and paste nerds...


How can you attract into your life the person or influence that'll motivate you to make the root changes you seem unable to accomplish under your own power?

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Guest Pilau Hands

you gotta do it yourself or it doesn't mean a thing.


take this from a grade A top of the line slacker. i don't do shit...since i was a kid i've been waiting for someone to come along and make me try new things and get me involved. after a while i realized that it ain't gonna happen. every weekend i'll pick one thing that i have to get done no matter what. nothing else can get in the way...drinking, drawing, painting, nothing.


it may be something as small as getting my ass up and doing the overdue laundry, trying a hopbby, exploring the city, or choosing a life plan...but get it done or punch yourself in the gonads.


i'm stayin alive

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haha, i was reading mine, im like shit, thats got a lot of meaning to whats going on, then i went on and read all of them, they all had lots of meaning to my life except 2 of them.

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i've been reading all manner of books on what i'm supposed to be like because of my birthdate. it's really pretty interesting and i'm finding it to be a healthy tool in answering some 'so maybe's'...


in reality you are who you eat but at least this is telling me whom i'm fond of...



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Originally posted by fr8oholic

...peep the birthday book...


man, Joker has that book, and last year on my birthday, ironically, he broke it out and we all were checking stuff... anyway, I found the entry pertaining to me to be wholly depressing. Seriously, it's fucked with my sense of self-esteem for nearly a year now...

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Here's your astrological personality profiles.. I got these off of Mystic Gardens.


Aries Profile: by Cambiel


A Cardinal Fire Sign ruled by Mars


The first sign of the zodiac and well known as a pioneering sign, Aries are outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic. People born under this sign like to be at the forefront of things and have an adventurous, competitive spirit. Ariens loves a challenge, often needing to prove themselves. They are courageous and, never being ones to meekly follow the herd, are unafraid to stand against popular opinion if it doesn't tally with their own way of thinking. Forthright and uncomplicated, but impatient when it comes to the fine details of a project, or the desired results are not quickly forthcoming.


As a fire-sign and ruled by Mars, Aries can be quick to let the sparks fly, but when all the fuss has died down they are just as quick to forgive and forget. The generous nature of Aries doesn't bear grudges or indulge in spiteful behaviour of any kind. They make excellent and loyal friends, always ready to defend the people they hold dear to them.


In their choice of career Ariens need a large degree of autonomy. They're leaders by nature and a subordinate position doesn't suit them well, nor will repetitive work of any kind not hold Arie's interest long enough to see the task through. There is a natural organising ability inherent in most Ariens, and they certainly like to see things run along their own lines. Being ruled by Mars, an ideal career for Aries might be a military one, but they also do well in all sports related professions. Their autonomous natures make them well suited to run their own businesses, and their leadership abilities are ideal for heading expeditions, or acting as tour leaders.


In relationships Ariens are ideal for someone who seeks a strong partner to lean on. Inclined to rush headlong into a relationship, they bring an intensity both emotionally and physically that can almost literally take the breath away from the object of their affections. Although romantic and idealistic, Aries true nature is impatience, and a spontaneous instant attraction is far more likely than a slowly built relationship. However, once the relationship is established, Ariens are faithful and loyal lovers, defensive of their partner. There is a tendency to what some might consider utter selfishness in the Arien personality, but confront your Aries mate with such an accusation and their reaction will very probably be one of complete incomprehension. Most of the time, the only thing they are really guilty of is thoughtlessness, and an inability to understand why you don't see things just as they do - in black and white.


They have a need to be considered special, a winner in whatever they choose to take on. Their spirit and energy are considerable, and combined with their zest for living life, the Aries often is just this.



Taurus a Profile: by Cambiel


A Fixed Earth Sign ruled by Venus


The persistence of Taureans is what gets them where they want to be. Their basic need for security and stability is accomplished by sheer determination. They have tremendous reserves to keep them going when things get tough, and plod along regardless of what life throws at them. Seeing things through to the end, building something worthwhile is the stuff of life to a typical Taurean.


They have an innate sense of values, believing that the best things are worth paying a bit more for. Most Taureans would rather do without than settle for something second-rate. Material security is very important to these people, and they love to surround themselves with objects of luxury. Indeed they have a fine appreciation of all that is aesthetically pleasing as well as artistic ability of their own.


Taureans are well known for their practicality, but being ruled by Venus they also possess a sensuality and love of pleasure. They make faithful and enduring lovers, perhaps slow to demonstrate their feelings at first, but passionate in the extreme once those feelings have been aroused. There is a tendency towards possessiveness, a Taurean is always loathe to give up on anything, even a bad relationship. Perhaps the thing that Taureans fail to realise is that their possessive nature - even subconsciously - is often the cause of a rift.


As Venus also rules matters numismatic, Taureans have a natural ability when it comes to handling money. They are well-suited for a banking or financial career, having the propensity to make money for others as well as themselves. Other occupations where they may find a niche lie in the arts arena. They have a creative flair that can encompass many different forms of art. Dance and music are natural to them, but they can be equally successful perhaps even more so, when creating something like a sculpture or painting. Producing new life from the earth is something that many Taureans excel at, farming or gardening suits the earthier side of their nature. The prime motivation in any Taurean's career though is the stability of the income it produces, they need to know that a pay cheque is a regular and unwavering end product for their efforts.






Gemini, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Mutable Air Sign ruled by Mercury


Here, there and everywhere just about sums up the typical Gemini. This air sign is versatile and endlessly curious about anything and everything. But they rarely give their attention to any one thing long enough to gain mastery of it. The original "grasshopper mind", Geminians are always ready to hop off and see what the next thing is all about before anyone's had a chance to pin them down. It isn't that they're not interested in what you have to say, they just seem to have the ability to think about a number of different things all at once. Very likely, they'll surprise you by returning to the subject out of the blue - giving you their opinions and imparting fresh slants on the matter you thought they'd forgotten about.


They make amusing partners and friends. Quick-wittedness and a light humour add a sparkle to their conversation. Friends of a Gemini will never be stuck for ideas on how to spend their free time, Gemini will always have a dozen suggestions ready. They're charming optimistic individuals who liven up any gathering.


They have the ability to see things from varying points of view, and although it can be frustrating trying to get them to come down off the fence, their indecisiveness is probably bothering them every bit as much. They use up an incredible amount of nervous energy.


Geminians live in their minds, and are turned on by a partner who understands and responds to this. Once they have fallen for someone they waste no time in letting their intended know all about it. They are the communicators of the zodiac and have no difficulty in expressing their feelings. Their relationships are more likely to be with those who they share an intellectual rapport with. There is a need in Geminians for variety, and this extends to their love lives - not necessarily a variety of partners, though this is a possibility with Gemini, but one partner who is prepared to adapt to their ever-changing ideas and isn't afraid of experimentation.


The very nature of Gemini makes them perfect for a career in the media or communications of some kind. PR, market research or any job which brings them into contact with the public is ideal. Their ability to communicate ideas effectively is an asset many sales departments make good use of. The main consideration in a Geminians choice of career should echo the theme of their lives - Variety with a capital V!







Cancer, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon.


Cancerians are the most sensitive of the twelve signs, but don't mistake this sensitivity for weakness. Emotions are the prime motivation of this sign, as is natural for one ruled by the Moon, and Cancerians have an empathy with the world about them. They seek to provide a shelter from the vagaries of the world in which to care for and cherish those they love. A secure base and home life are of great importance to those born under this sign. Should this ever be threatened the cardinal qualities in Cancer come to the fore, a kind of self-defence mechanism kicks in. Determination and not a little self-interest are present under the crab's shell.


A Cancerian among a group of friends will be the one who makes most effort to bond the group together, perhaps seeing them as an extension of the all-important family. Friends are carefully chosen, not for status reasons but because of a natural caution and reserve that are excercised when Cancer first meets someone. Once a friendship is established it is firm and enduring. Cancerians involve their friends in their home lives as much as possible, and instinctively try to look out for them and their interests.


Relationships are conducted on pretty much the same footing. Cancerians are not ones to fall in love at first sight, or if they do they keep their feelings well hidden at first. The fear of rejection is very real for most of these people and commitment only comes when they are absolutely sure of the person involved. When they do lower their defences Cancerians are caring and tender lovers. They will go to great lengths to ensure that their partner is happy, creating an atmosphere that just suits the occasion. Their moods can be quite changeable, another influence from the Moon they are ruled by, and their partners can often be at a loss to understand what caused the latest shift in temperament, unless of course they're another water sign. Romantic love is high on a Cancerians list of the important things in life, and they are quite sentimental. They have an instinctive knowledge of their partner's needs and wishes, almost forestalling them. Above all they have a deep seated need to cherish and protect those they love.


When it comes to a career the Cancerian is ideally suited to the caring professions; nursing, psychology or a medical career can all be very rewarding for Cancer. There is also an attraction to caring about things from the past - they're the nostalgic sign of the zodiac - so perhaps would consider a career as an historian, antiques dealer or any work associated with preserving treasures from the past. They are adaptable enough to settle into a wide variety of occupations and providing they find some reward in their work, they will be happy. There is also their need for security and they like to know they can rely on regular pay cheques.


There is an artistic side to the Cancerian nature which is often expressed in creating something that will enhance their homes or nourish their loved ones. These skills often translate to a career, perhaps as a chef, textile designer or interior decorator. Children usually bring great pleasure to Cancerian subjects and any occupation involving them will prove worthwhile and rewarding for them.




Leo, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Fixed Fire Sign ruled by The Sun


The lion is king of the jungle, the Sun shines brightest among all the stars and Leo blazes out royally from the zodiac! There is nothing modest about this sign, and they wouldn't demean themselves by assuming a false modesty. Leos are extremely proud and love to be admired and appreciated. They are generous in heart and spirits and strive always to get the most out of life. The pride of the lion has it's downfall of course, they cannot bear to be in the wrong about anything and can be quite stubborn in their insistence that they are right. But their assertive stance is rarely aggressive, they just find it difficult to accept any failings in themselves.


To count a Leo as your friend is to be in the company of someone who always has your best interests at heart. They'll take a genuine interest in your activities and endeavours; spurring you on to achieve more and making you believe in yourself. Leos have an ability to organise people and they aren't afraid to tell you if you could do something better by trying another way. It might come over as bossiness, but most Leos genuinely want to help you do the best you can.


In affairs of the heart Leos really come into their own. When they fall in love it's the hook line and sinker syndrome. There are no half measures in a Leos life, least of all in this area. The depths of their feelings can leave them strangely vulnerable and open to being wounded emotionally. Giving all they have to a partner, they are open hearted, steadfast and fiercely loyal. There is no room in Leo's life for deception or devious behaviour; they cannot understand it and won't tolerate it. They're not the type to play games with people's feelings and expect the same respect for theirs in return. If a genuine mistake has been made though, they are quick to forgive. Their enormous lions heart doesn't bear a grudge, and they're not too proud to forgive a genuine apology. Leo's main failing is jealousy, they need the assurance that they rule their lover's heart and come second to none. Supremely romantic, they love to make a fuss of their partner and spoil them with little gifts or surprise outings. They are deeply sentimental and warmly loving people.


Any career in which they can stamp their individual mark and be seen to be doing so suits Leo down to the ground. They have a flair for the dramatic, and need to have their efforts recognized. Working behind the scenes isn't as appealing to the typical Leo, who prefers to take centre stage. They dislike amateurism and strive to attain the best work from themselves and their colleagues. The nature of their work is of less importance than the way in which they execute it - always with their trademark style and panache.







Virgo, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Mutable Earth Sign ruled by Mercury


Virgo share's Mercury's rulership with another of the mutable signs, Gemini. But where Gemini expresses the fleeting intellectual curiosity of Mercury, Virgo takes on the planet's analytical quality. The Virgoan's mind is always busy; dissecting information, scrutinising it methodically and finally, analysing the whole to make sense and order of it. Virgo sets high standards, and not always trusting others to apply the same criteria, often prefers to work alone in order to get a thing done "just so". Virgoans are also clever with their hands, having a distinct flair for handicrafts of all kinds.


Here is a person concerned with the details, often doing more than is necessary to achieve the deired result. They tend to become worriers, more so when they have to delegate any task as they will then worry about whether the result will be up to the standards they would have applied. They are wonderfully efficient, capable of producing order out of the most spectacular chaos and relishing every moment spent doing so. Like Gemini, Virgoans are suited to a career in communications or the media. That analytical mind excels in investigative journalism, as a critic, or any area where they can utilize Mercury's gift of words and a talent for writing. A position central to the smooth running of a company can be safely left in the hands of a Virgo, who has the ability to run around with a metaphorical oil-can ensuring nothing is left to chance.


In their relationships, Virgoans can be a little restrained and are certainly fastidious about who they choose for a partner. They are generally less forthcoming in demonstrating their feelings than other signs, and need plenty of reassurance before they even think about long term committment. They need stability in a partner and can suffer a great lack of confidence in themselves if this is not present in their relationship. Being ruled by Mercury means that they can be good friends with a lover too. Once in a well established relationship, Virgoans prove sincere and dependable. They show a great deal of concern for their partner's happiness in caring and practical ways.


Virgo's sign is associated with both work and health; many of the niggling worries that tend to preoccupy them can result in upset stomachs and associated disorders. If they aren't worrying about something external, they'll be focussing on matters inside themselves. The one thing a Virgo should avoid at all costs is a medical dictionary! The other quality asssociated with Virgo is a youthful appearance, and provided they don't worry themselves into premature ageing, their looks are often the envy of their peers.






Libra, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus


The symbol of this sign, the scales, is the key to understanding the Libran personality. The need for balance and harmony is their prime motivation in life. Their way of achieving this is to explore all the options and consider all the possibilities before arriving at a decision. Librans have a natural flair for mediating, bringing opposing sides together; they deeply dislike taking one person's side against another. Their ability to see both points of view coupled with a fear of hurting others can make the typical Libran appear indecisive, but their inherent sense of justice and fair play drives them to seek a solution acceptable to all. Being an air sign, Librans use their minds to seek resolution in any conflict.


Librans have a very strong need to form relationships and are never truly happy when alone. Often they see a relationship as giving them a sense of identity and validity. They have a great deal of loving affection to give to a partner and need to receive the same in return. Unpleasantness or a quarrelsome atmosphere is deeply distressing to Libra's innate sense of harmony, although there is nothing they love more than making up after a squabble. Venus' rulership of this sign imparts a sensuality and a love of luxurious surroundings; Librans adore setting the scene for a romantic evening, and will go to a lot of trouble to make sure that the atmosphere is right.


Although you'll find Librans - as with the other eleven signs - in every walk of life, there are some occupations in which they are far happier. At work Librans have a calm unflappable air, perhaps disguising the fact that they are ambitious in their careers. Suited to any profession where their skills of tact and diplomacy count for something, they make excellent personnel management, counsellors of various kinds, and of course their innate sense of justice can serve the law well. Their appreciation of the arts and all things of beauty equips them well for a career in the fashion industry or beauty/alternative health fields. They are innovative at design and decor, whether dressing a stage, a window or a top model. As they make such efforts to get on well with others any career that involves the bringing together of people is a natural extension of their abilities.


Librans are charm personified; people take to them at once and this they thrive upon. They have a friendly, genuine interest in the people around them and take a pretty laid-back attitude to life most of the time. Don't be deceived by this however, Librans accomplish this only through knowing that they have everything balanced and under control.







Scorpio, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Fixed Water Sign ruled by Pluto


Scorpios are an intensely emotional sign. They feel everything deeply and passionately, and are driven by the powerful motivation of their ruler Pluto. This rulership leads them to delve to the heart of both issues and of people. They are never content with surface appearances, seeking always to discover what lies beneath. This constant probing brings them many valuable insights into human nature. To a Scorpion this knowledge is power and it is up to the individual whether they use it to hurt or to heal. On the one hand they are capable of sharing the the most profound secrets, but are just as likely to keep their knowledge locked away and discard the key.


The depth of a Scorpion's emotions can be disconcerting even to themselves. Some make a tremendous effort to keep these forces under control, although an outer appearance of calm, detatched poise belies the turbulent nature underneath. They have immensely strong desires and are known as the most passionate sign of the zodiac. When a Scorpion falls in love, it is with an extraordinary intensity that can be overwhelming to witness. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and Scorpio has a way of making you understand just what this means. A Scorpion needs to be in control above all else and can only do this by understanding you completely, knowing you in the end better than you know yourself. This need for control can manifest itself as possessiveness and jealousy at times, and no-one knows how to sting like a wounded Scorpion. It is only fair to balance this by saying that a Scorpion happily in love is strongly supportive of a partner's hopes and wishes, and will share good and bad times equally; they are compassionate and unflagging in the promotion of their lover's happiness.


Because of their natural affinity with all things hidden and mysterious, Scorpions are natural detectives. Work in the fields of psychology, medical research or investigative journalism satisfies their deep desire to unearth the answers. They may literally work below the surface. Mining operations, oil drilling and archaeology are all associated with this sign. Being a water sign they have excellent memories capable of retaining large amounts of data, this makes them good linguists or historians. The considerable energies of this sign can be channeled into the arts, where they can find a safe outlet for expressing their profound emotions.


Scorpio's sign is associated with the occult, all matters mysterious, death and rebirth. Pluto is the planet of regeneration and it inspires it's subjects, despite the fixity of the sign, to evolve continually. Scorpions have great reserves of inner strength, cope better in a crisis than anyone else, and are life's survivors.







Sagittarius, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Mutable Fire Sign ruled by Jupiter


Sagittarians are the optimists of the zodiac, always believing that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. The one thing they cannot bear is stagnation of any kind. They possess an adventurous and restless spirit which refuses to be tied down, and if they cannot physically travel the world they will explore the realms of the mind with the same enthusiasm. In fact, the centaur loves to acquire knowledge and in turn pass it on to others. Sagittarians are, despite their restless and happy go lucky attitude, great philosophers and teachers. Generally, these Jupiter ruled people are open and honest, highly principled and idealistic.


Sagittarians enthusiasm for life and living makes them very popular, and they usually have a wide and varied circle of friends. The sign is traditionally associated with foreign cultures, so the archer's circle of friends can be spread far and wide. These people thrive on the stimulus of anything that's outside their normal experience. They are attracted to people who, like themselves, are active and live life to the full.


In relationships Sagittarians show the same qualities that run through the rest of their lives. They need to be friends with their lover. Passion is there alright, this is a fire sign don't forget, but the centaur isn't given to heavy emotional displays. They have a certain panache when it comes to courtship; perhaps showering their lover with little gifts - they're noted for their generosity and love to make such gestures - or whisking them away somewhere unexpectedly. The archer's interests are far ranging and they need constant stimuli to avoid letting boredom set in. A sense of humour and a warm generous nature are brought to all Sagittarian relationships. The idea of being fenced in or restricted is the one thing guaranteed to send them galloping away in the other direction. Though many happy and permanent relationships survive when the partner is canny enough to understand this and keep the Sagittarian's interest alive.


In their working environment Sagittarians respond with alacrity to challenges. They are unafraid of risk taking and many opt to run their own businesses. Jupiter, the sign ruler, is the planet of good fortune, opportunity and expansion. Many Saggitarians seem to have a happy knack of being in the right place at the right time. They are also adaptable and able to have several tasks on the go at any one time. This sign is associated with sporting pursuits as well as more intellectual professions such as teaching and law. There is also a link with religion and philosophy; some Sagittarians are perpetual students of such subjects, having become hooked on acquiring knowledge from an early age.






Capricorn, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Cardinal Earth Sign ruled by Saturn


Capricorns reflect Saturn's conservatism, an earthy practicality, and derive their driving force from being a cardinal sign. While this all combines to make them determined, capable and reliable people, there is another side to the Capricorn nature which undoes this picture. At times Capricorns can suffer an overwhelming lack of confidence in themselves, and having started something with every intention of seeing it through in their inimitably competent manner, they become unsure of their abilities or feel that they're not going to live up to expectations. This is when they are their own worst enemies as the result is an ineffectual, undisciplined and indecisive goat who doesn't take full advantage of the dynamic energies avaialble to Saturn's subjects.


Rather than seeing them as serious and stand-offish personalities, anyone who knows a Capricornian well will be able to tell you that this appearance masks an inherent shyness and self-conciousness. It takes time to get to know these people properly, but this is time well invested as they are loyal and faithful to their friends, capable of maintaining friendships over many years and relating to friends from different generations to themselves. In fact another Saturn influence is shown in their ability to get on well with people older than themselves.


Being an earth sign there is a sensuality in Capricorns, but some can tend to keep it hidden, the practicality of this sign often being a bit of a dampner on their romantic opportunities. They find it more difficult than most to express their emotions, thinking that there is a risk involved in exposing the vulnerability of their feelings. There is also a need in Capricornians to have a partner they can look up to and respect. If they happen to choose a partner who increases their social standing then they consider it to be so much the better. They value permanence and security, need to have some kind of structure to make sense of their lives, and take the whole business of relationships very seriously.


Capricorns have inherent ambition, and will work tirelessly to get to the top of their chosen field. They have a painstaking thoroughness whatever they are doing, and don't mind investing long hours in a project if they are convinced it will pay off and further their career. They have no patience with people who take a more laissez-faire attitude and won't waste their valuable time on them. They make all their decisions carefully and sensibly, weighing up the situation and happy to wait for their turn to come, as they put one foot after another further up the ladder. They are found in all trades related construction, whether surveying, insuring, designing or actually building.


They are also quite happy to be totally responsible for a company, Capricorn probably finds the top job less lonely than some other signs would, although they are more often found in established companies than in on the ground floor of a new one.






Aquarius, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Fixed Air Sign ruled by Uranus


Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, traditionally associated with humanity and the welfare of the masses. It's often true however, that an Aquarian's concerns with the world's populace can leave those closer to them feeling a bit left out. The sign's ruler Uranus imparts an original and inventive manner of thinking and doing. They can be unpredictable and sometimes nigh on impossible to understand, but their nature is far from quirky. They approach life with a certain detachment, and are generally capable of standing back and taking a rational approach. They are more interested in the overview than the niggly personal details.


They do make wonderful friends. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and they are always willing to help a friend, even if it does stem from their opinion that it's logical to help a friend out rather than any sentimental reason. They are capable of picking up the threads of friendship even if they lost touch with you eons ago. Aquarians' friends are more likely to number a large circle than one or two intimate people; one of their prime personality traits is the desire to feel free and unencumbered. Very close friendships tend to make them feel a bit claustrophobic; they'll usually maintain a slight distance which is a pity because they can then be afraid to ask a friend's help in return.


The Aquarian attitude to love and relationships is slightly more complex. They are perfectly capable of loving and their feelings are very genuine. They just have difficulty in explaining how they feel most of the time. Although exciting and inventive as lovers, the volatile emotional moods and crisis' of the water and earth signs leave the typical Aquarian completely mystified; their first reaction is always to think matters through and then explain themselves rationally. Aquarians are often a little embarrassed by effusive displays of emotion. They tend to act more as their partner's best friend, looking for someone who will share in their diverse interests and allow them at least the mental space and freedom they need.


Aquarius is associated with the sciences in general, and many born under this sign will have successful careers in the technological side of communications, electronics, and aviation. They dislike being tied to a routine and may do well working outside in the fields of nature conservancy or in the community working for the benefit of their fellow man in some way. They shine in any career that offers them the scope to apply their ideals and utilize their unusual talents. They need to have a degree of autonomy in their working day, and the responsibility to make decisions without having to constantly defer to a superior. Aquarians have a gift of being at ease with their colleagues, and are often active members of societies and clubs in their spare time.







Pisces, a Profile: by Cambiel


A Mutable Water Sign ruled by Neptune


Pisces is the sign of unworldliness, sensitivity and mystery. The mutable nature of Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes, each of them swimming in a different direction. This is the essence of the Piscean nature, to flow with whatever current comes along; they are adaptable and impressionable, responding to changes around them almost unconsciously. Pisces is empathetic to such a degree that very often their own personality is submerged and they live through the feelings of those close to them. They are the natural psychics of the zodiac and are attracted to all things mystical and unworldly.



The Piscean is a very giving person, putting other's needs before their own to the point of self-sacrifice if need be. No-one makes a better listener than Pisces, they feel a friend's problems as if they were their own, often becoming emotionally involved themselves. Nothing is too much trouble for a Piscean if it means they can help ease a friend's woes, and they are usually totally unselfish in this respect. The disadvantage of such a willingness to always be on hand dispensing tea and sympathy etc. is that the Piscean may end up feeling a bit of a doormat and losing respect for themselves. If this happens the very real danger with Neptune ruling, is to turn to some form of escapism; alchohol, drugs and the like are Neptune's domain and Pisceans are more easily lulled into this world than anyone else.


Pisces sees the world through a romantically tinted haze, and this extends into their realtionships. They tend to idealize their partner, sit them up on a pedestal and all but worship them. The eternal romantic, Pisceans only start to gain a realistic view of love after experience has taught them a bitter lesson or two. Their emotions are always so close to the surface that it's impossible most of the time for them to be contained. The mutable nature of Pisces makes them willing to adjust to whatever they think will please their lover, and in this they can be truly chameleon-like; Pisceans are so variable and changeable that you never seem to be with the same person two days running.


In every Piscean soul dwells a fund of artistic creativity; the dream world they inhabit so often provides them with a wealth of material to bring to careers in writing, music, acting, dancing and all artistic professions. They are also in their element when their work involves caring for others, whether medically, spiritually or through a charitable organization. If they are emotionally involved in their work, their sense of vocation is very strong and they can be dedicated enough to specialize in their chosen field.



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heh... 'They dislike amateurism and strive to attain the best work from themselves and their colleagues.' aint this the troof. along with 3 out 4 things mentioned about me up there. woofahhhhhh...

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