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Guest Mesiah

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Guest crack is wack

Re: walls of gravy


Originally posted by ARMYONE TSR

oh yea, Skrew is or was in Michigan right now, fuckin up our fire escapes... :king: ...and If I wasnt a lazy slacker, Id post the flix...

oh yeah this is the revok post so shut your ass up and folks wonder why the last thread got closed...no one cares so stop droppin names.

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Guest MR. F'N LUPO

ya army, you kinda sound like a sucker droppin names, everyone who read it thought so, this guy was the only one who gave a shit to post about it. i know i thought it when i read it last week or when ever..............












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excuse me for a second while i share a thought with you...check out all of revoks stuff and zes and sever the whole lot of em....and do it for this reason..you see how insane revok and zes especially are right?...look at the old flicks of when ayer was still killing and how much style he had when guys like revok were still catching wreck with simples and blockies then have the realization i had just now of how fucking ridiculous he would be if he had never passed i just have thoughts like this sometimes and thought id share..my councelor told me to...

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Originally posted by heavyLox

<img src=http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10056996&w=600&h=210>'>


dope, that ish tag in the top right hand corner is awesome.//

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