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let's have fun with science...a rating system for graf


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i haven't really worked out the details but i think it can be done...


let's say graf is a pole and at the far left we have style and skills and at the far right we have difficulty...there will be many variables under both the categories so they can be rated by alotting numbers to the subcategoies...and finally you would be able to average out a score and be placed along the pole...and yes there should be room for expansion like a continum cause graff styles get better and people hit more and more crazy shit daily...


the only problem would be gettin the overall concensus cause style in subjective...maybe drop the style and just stick with skills.


if you score a zero, you're dead in the middle with little or no skill and the spot was hit with incredible ease...or if score a negative 100 then your spot was very difficult like a fill-in on the front of your local police station but the execution was crap...anyways the details need to be worked out...


or maybe i should write my paper that's due on art education philosophies...DAMNIT

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Originally posted by Vanity

not dimensional enough. you can have all the skill in the world, but it doesnt mean anything if you bite, or all you do is legals.


very true. what happens if you hit your police station and execute it perfectly, no biting, good control, and size, wouldn't that work out to a zero too?


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