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4 Unkle big fans!!! The new released Unkle 3D Cushion by Medicom definitely A MUST NOT MISS item in your collection. This cushion will be released in June available in 2 sizes (Large and Small) and available at Zozotown after the new Medicom shop open comin month. By the way another Porter shop just opened last week in Zozotown do check out the gears not bad tho. more



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ICA 6th-8th SEPTEMBER 2003



"The UNKLE exhibition at the ICA was quite small, yet had many items on display of interest for the fans of both the UNKLE music, the toy collectors and fans of Futura 2000. Living up to the title of the exhibition, it was delayed by a day and opened on the Saturday instead of Friday as intended. This left a couple of people a bit pissed off as some had come quite a distance to check the show on the Friday.




Unlike any exhibition I've been to before, as the gallery doors swung open, we all headed straight to the book shop to grab the merchandise on offer. Items available included boxed postcards (limited to 50 packs, at £40 a throw), a nice slection of prints that came in a 12" sleeve type box (I think these were £80), some UNKLE x BAPE Ts, the new single, the new DVD single, Psyence Fiction CD, the boxed Kubrick set and especially for the show, a white Kubrick. There were 300 of the white Kubricks for the show and these were £13. For those feeling particularly flush, Ben Drury's photographs (I assume by not of him) were also available for £500.




Held within the upper gallery of the ICA, the exhibiton consisted of a large multi paneled piece by Futura to your left as you entered the room. UNKLE music pumped out through the speakers, naturally. Three glass cabinets were in the centre of the room. One contained bits and pieces from Psyence Fiction. Another contained prototype Kubricks that appear to have been used for the sleeve notes of the new album. A boxed CD version of the new album was on display. The third cabinet contained various UNKLE related figures, including a prototype of the figure from Psyence Fiction."
















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