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im amerikkan as well..

dizzee ra ra ra........fuckim

wiley an roll deep was ok, but some beats dont rock that hard. lethal bizzle is fuckin hype. 8 mil shoot it 9 mil shoot it mac 10 shoot it

shoot it shoot it shoot it

vapour s a fag

titch yell much

nasty crew "cock back" gud

GLC a joke right?

i dont know much an if i was to hit up kats around ere, thayd say WHO? im gonna go study up on the kats mentioned.....


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Does anyone know if Sundragon has an album?

Hes got a fresh voice, and some decent lines too..

Has anyone managed to hear that taskforce album with "Hyperdermic verse" and "Music from the block"? If anyone has them on their computer..could they PM me to send it because i cant find the albums anywhere!! either sold out or the shop dont support uk hip hop :(

I would greatly appreciate anyone who is able to help me out...im a newby to 12oz :shook:

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Originally posted by SKUMBALUCKAH@Jan 20 2005, 05:35 PM



“Hello twats, I'm Pitman, I make beats and moan on ‘em.

I'm not bothered if ya don't like what I'm on with, don't listen to it.

Go and put ya Jay Z Greatest Hits on.”



yeh! pitman i remember this dude from a couple of years ago, hot shit.

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