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current favorite song

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'how to dissapear completely' by the smash hit band radiohead is holding strong at the #1 spot for 8 weeks.. but it looks like grateful deads 'mississippi uptown halfstep, toodeloo' isgetting ready to knock them off the #1 spot.. stay posted sports fans!

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Guest imported_Tesseract

I rediscovered Violator 101 by Depeche mode,and the last two days i am on "enjoy the silence".

It wont last long though,

and i'll be hearing some RED SNAPPER again .

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Originally posted by BC

Hell yeah By Bloodhound Gang


(read really fast)


I'm a tarantula!

In a Chiquita!

And when you're peeling back the skin, I'm gonna see ya!

I'm gonna bite ya, I'm gonna bite ya!

I'm Jimmy Pop and I'll tell you straight up I don't like ya!



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THE LAW's current favorite song has got to be NELLY "ride with me"


you just can't fuck with that, you can't. Twenty years from now, you suckers will all be bumpin that in your space car.... tryin' to act like you were down when it came out.

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MF Grimm "The Downfall of Iblis: A Ghetto Opera"


1. Alpha feat. Count Bass-D

Scene one -

2. Time and Space

3. Life and Death

4. Freedom

5. Foolish feat. Megalon and MF Doom

6. Together

7. Break em Off

Intermission -

8. Rain Blood feat. Megalon

9. Voices Pt. 0

10. Voices Pt. 1 feat. MF Doom

Scene two -

11. Yes You Are (Its Only A Movie)

12. I.B.'s

13. To All My Comrades

14. Howl

15. Words

16. Teach the Babies

End -

17. Omega

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