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perth city


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very retarded.. obviously feck wouldnt be able to achieve the quality of his pieces with exports killrusts and all the rest because it would be physically impossible to get the same quality and colours that u do with ironlak anyone who has used it enough will know u can only do so much with it. if i were an amazing artist i too would invest in better tools to perform and perfect my trade but im not so i use whatever, theres nothing wrong with spending good money on paint if u r going to make the most of it, if i had that ability i would too,so respect the architecht! even if alot of ppl had ample time and great paint to use i dont think it would really make that much of a difference in the final product, u see terrible pieces in nice paint at dayspots all the time.its all about the experience and skills of the artist.not just having great paint. i highly doubt u guys claiming 'real men use exports' actually do a mostly racked/cheap paint scheme,ur prob referring to the export chrome u probably brought to do ur latest day spot piece, infact next to no one does here these days besides a very small handful of ppl.

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played like a fiddle

who gives a fuck what people paint with i was just stirring the pot

what people paint with depends on their own preference and thats the end of it

end of the day were all in the game for our own amusement and i doubt anyone gives a shit what others think of their graffiti

and if you do, then good luck, youll end up with a generic boring style tryna paint what you think people want to see

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wtf r u on about? u got on to saying that fecks new stuff is not 'real' graffiti. then u said ppl who spend alot of money on paint to do a piece are 'gay cunts' implying u do the complete opposite, then somehow in turn because of pointing this out I will end up having a generic boring style and only will paint stuff that i think ppl will enjoy, even tho ur the person who is objecting to his latest work? well u obviously give a shit if u didnt ud appreciate what hes doing for the sheer fact that it is good and not say anything...great theory

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ok..post about fecks= stirring the pot because i like to piss people like you off on forums when i have nothing better to do and im tired of masturbating, and if you read properly youd realise that between the lines i was giving fecks respect

then i decided to explain myself by revealing i never gave a shit in the first place and that i was just playing you and having a laugh at all you cunts getting up in arms about fuck all spouting your bullshit opinions

then i gave my first actual opinion that if you paint to please others instead of for your own amusement then you are most likely going to have a generic style which is the only serious thing ive said all day

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