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im still lurking, never posting. always looking forward to your next upload. requesting more physer hands

More Jqsie throws pls

Posted Images

yo bask

you got beef?

cheers for dogging me

saw your attempt at doing a piece on that slant roof haha

gave up? yeah its pretty slippery up there a lot of effort went into that now your shitty tag through it just makes you look like a fucken dickhead

as far as i know ive never capped you

if i did it was before the incident cuz i heard about that on the night it happened and im not one to go around doing that sorta shit to friends of friends

and its pieces over throw ups anyway bro

last bask i saw was a tribute to you and i deliberately went around it

seriously get your facts straight before you go around dogging shit cuz do it again and you wont ever paint without getting capped

if it was me,sorry but get over it and go cap it back like a real fucking writer would instead of bitching and having your mates make death threats to me then backing down when i hit them up

thats what i always do unless the persons better than me and bro

i aint one to big myself up i know im not the greatest painter but you and your boys need some practice before you can go around claiming shit




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seap shut your cunt, basks been in hospital barely moving since february, so go fuck yourself, if you still reckon your mad wasp aint going to hesitate to take it up with you

if you wanna go cunt lets go everyone of your pieces will be gone like a 100 units in your fit so shut the fuck up and show some respect you dog !!!

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look i didnt know last i heard he was fine but i guess i heard wrong

i got the full story last night

whoever did do it probably shouldnt go writing his sick friends word over other peoples pieces and not putting his own shit up cuz obviously im going to think bask did it if its just a big bask tag through my piece and bask tags over all my handys that are up there as well

maybe his mate shouldnt go around doing that shit cuz thats fucken disrespectful in itself dogging someones pieces with your mates word for no fucken reason and not leaving your own tag so i know its not bask

what the fuck did you expect?. leave your own word so i can take it up with the real culprit instead of bitch move writing someone else word man fuck

i dont really give a shit anymore ive got enough ups its only one piece but it was a fucking hard spot to paint am i meant to not take it to heart?

i was drunk as shit when i wrote that original message

sorry about the misunderstanding

whoever did do it, next time you dog my piece use your own fucking word you vagina pussy cunt

as i said before i deliberately went around a bask piece last time i painted near him cuz i was aware of his situation at the time and have full respect which is why i was upset when i thouht bask dogged me

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