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Top Posters In This Topic

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im still lurking, never posting. always looking forward to your next upload. requesting more physer hands

More Jqsie throws pls

Posted Images

I'll be back tomo... I'm having su

time with my female friend... All answers

ain't that fuckin easy unless u cunts actually knew wat was fickin goin on

in the scene.. Dest is fdp.. But was bc with me elms n high 5 and rekt..

I moved to Adelaide .. Bc disolved. Elmsa joined am dest fdp ..

High 5 to tassie..

But it all ain't that fuxkin simple either..

I diss crong now caused o dissed him in life..

Fuk fake cunts that do shit like that.. Im not ayem

anymore.. After incidents that left me feeling fuckin fucked over by my own crew..


All fuck in tard questio s will be answered.. But tomo nite I'm drivin 200km to see drapht..

So I may not be back foe a

day ...

I'm off to fuck a dirty tattooed girl...

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How fake do u sound tardlord.. Yr def from freo..

Wen u say kick my dad in the balls u mean suck him off rite..

Put up one of yr pieces bitch.. No hiding just let the graff speak for it's self..

U can hear the thumping of yr mum next door now but u jack off wishing u were in her place..

Put up a peAce and I'll either see yra king .. Or wat I kno u are, a wannabe

freo ladyboy..

Put up or fuck up clown..



hahah take ur own advice fagget, put ur or shut up, talking bout running through ppls houses hahaa fuken gimp, made urself look like the biggest clown, cheers for ur life story but unfortunatly no 1 gives a fuk

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