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im still lurking, never posting. always looking forward to your next upload. requesting more physer hands

More Jqsie throws pls

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What the council did was unreasonable, getting writers from the other part of the country and not enquiring about this city's own talent. I'm certain Perth could pull off something like that if not better but that being said, these guys have made a name for themselves in this aspect of graffiti and its hypocritical and childish to spoil someone else's work just because they're from Melbourne.

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fuck any legal shit, sell-out cunts, if your to old to commit illegally take up lawn bowls or someshit. art fag shit should be left in the gallery's not the street. go to melbourne to see that shit!

respect to cunts that put abit of risk into getting up, not rocking up in some city allays with 100 premiums and a 2 week time frame!


request any real graffiti with some level of risk?

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how is it hypocritical??

because the artfags r using the same medium as writers??

pull ur head out ur asss perth


please do not think of perth writers as all like these lonely virgins having a winge on the net over a legal peice done by good artist's


the real writers are the ones out there doing there bit by going out bombing the streets and doing some seriously cool shit.


day spot or night spot makes no differance as long as it looks good and has original style.


so i think everyone on this site needs to take a step back and think. typing their opinion on the net adds nothing to the streets, so if these people complaining about this legal didnt have a peice on that wall before these guys got paid to do it it does not affect them in anyway, so shut the fuck up!


sorry for the text will make up for it in flicks v-soon!

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Get Kid Zoom back. Fucking dumb cunts.


Regardless of artfaggery, airfares, jean tightness, graff background or any other such nonsense - That wall looks pretty shit and there are a great deal of people in Perth who could've painted the same thing or better.


No one complained when Revok got flown over BECAUSE HE'S GOOD.


In other news... BLOK OSN.

Also, I have a new-found appreciation for Crong's graffiti, and not just for the obvious reason. Sad loss for real.

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Crong, bug or Sego, watever you want to call him, i never knew the guy at all but i have seen his work up around the place a huge amount in the last few years. Despite this I never really studied it enough to realize how original and innovative his style was. It took this tragic event for me to focus on the writer and truly appreciate his art. Only now am i grateful for all the marks he left around. He is a huge loss to many and I'll miss seeing his work around. I hope his contribution to the scene is never forgotten and writers are inspired by his creative style for years to come.



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