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Dear Deto:

So I know this girl, Shes pretty stellar and im not really trying to nail her or anything not only cause she aint really into that but im growing up and shit and i'm really not into that kind of shit. Well i'd really like to date this girl, and i know she knows i like her, but i think its some stalemate shit that i be beaming at her some midrange shit, and she be throwing back low. Some days she acts all about it, and the next day she acts like im the last fool on the favorites list. Anyways, that shit has got my heart up in a hazard zone yo. So deto, what should i do now? Should i just say forget it and pick up my marbles and hit up the next game, or gamble my finest in one shot?

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Deto... so I know this broad... and she's jocking me... but I'm not feeling her in that way... I mean... she's cool to talk to... and she's got a bangin' body and the face isn't all that bad... but she has this little black mustache... she's mexican... (have you ever seen these broads with the little light black mustache... and they act like it's not there???), and she shaves her eyebrows and goes to town with the sharpie.... my question is... how do I tell this broad to leave me alone... cause I can't even look her in the eye when she talks to me... I keep wandering to the mustache and eyebrows and I just have the urge to scream at her to reverse the process... shave her lip and let her eyebrows grow hair.... should I be mean and tell her straight up... or should I just give her the cold shoulder until she gets the picture?

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