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What Are You Listening To: 2006

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yes i am one of those rare people that have the inabilty to not remember lyrics to music..but can tell you what key and time signature the song is in withing 30 seconds...i just dont get it...plus i cant walk and eat or drink at the same time..
















listening to....



60 channels/the angel/more rockers{{{jaz klash}}}

high time...........pure effin jazz jungle bristol nyc style para 1996-98 like ezrollers step back and let us shine like woah..but ezrollers was all like eff you mate wes aboutsta drop drumfunkhooliganz on yo ass blokes.......then smith&mighty was all bump its about 2 shall we have strawberry jam with our scones and tea?


then goldie popped out on noplace and was all like..i was in a friggen james bond movie look at me hair what what..butt suddenly dj rap slid out from under a mattress that just so happened to be propped up on a wall and killed everybody with her twix swords of doom.....and now as she walked of into the sunset her only thought is the upcoming battle to the death with afrika bambataa..


yes she whispered lightly into the air...there can only be one.



dund udn udnnnnnnnn..


know lishning tooooo dom&roland...just so ya know..from

their album chronolagy.....



blurgle...bitch spiked my rum with barbites...ooooh i will kill..



know listening to

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deto- you got naked piks of that one hot bitch you used to fuck thats on myspace? i want to see her naked...   hit me up on aim if you do mang.

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somebody please tell this man to stop.. for all of southern california.

i prayed he would have stopped by now..but it seem haitians back their own no matter how tacky the person they support..







moogs??// "please wannabe g rent is so not the same as own..and stay off my launchcast nigga!!"








remarc/in da hood/ unreleased dubs 94-96..

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Originally posted by RoboboboboboboThrushter@Dec 30 2004, 09:53 AM

uk hip hop is the shizze



reaaallly could you list a few artists for me then?

i generally stay with american and canadian hip hop ...but i've been a bit interested after i got into garage and some of the drum n bass mc's




delerium tremens/the river of action/abducted remixes..




its a bitch figuring what style of jungle i want to integrate into death metal...knowing full well my shit will end up sounding like ragga when i finish

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Originally posted by mr.yuck@Dec 29 2004, 06:14 PM

Are there any bands out right now that have a classic rock sound to them.


If you guys know of anything that would be great.


oh yeah. page 3



Government Mule, i saw them on Conan tonight, i liked it. reminded me of AC/DC mixed with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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