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Man builds his own Mecha Suit

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Originally posted by kaesthebluntedwonder@Dec 23 2004, 10:41 PM

I wanna see that thing fight this thing:



Just one look at that and im filled with a overwhelming desire to kick it directly in the head. As far as the mech go's, i expect to see (if he ever get's it running) the inevitable footage of him eating shit as he try's to walk/run etc in it.

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Originally posted by Issac Brock@Dec 24 2004, 07:04 AM

man this is how like every super villan story starts out, it's like this scientist guy with some crazy new invention with capabilities that are through the roof. just wait until this guy goes crazy and starts robbing banks and shit.


and bush will save the day by nuking the fuck out of it!

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that thing will be awesome but I don't see this first one working too well but if he makes improvements along with maybe consults with someone that has a bachground in maybe anatomy to halp this guy out with keeping things balancedand moving correctly things could get better. also it might be a good idea to add some sort of electronic or pneumatic assistance to moving the limbs. Those fuckers have to be heavy.

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Originally posted by KYU@Dec 24 2004, 06:32 AM

cover the whole thing with bulletproof plates and strap a pair of miniguns on it. it would be a legendary massacre


seriously, like those mecha suits in the animatrix when the man/machine war was going down. Bummer for the guy that got ripped right out of his cockpit and torn to pieces.

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i want to see that shit up and runing, chasing old ladies and shit, him stealing grocies, people being afraind and running, then someone will say "cant you just shoot the guy, i mean, come on" and they will, at which point onesecondple willl run in and man the craft and do good, like smash homeless people and stuff....

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