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Tie was shot and killed by this fag named william porter while trying to catch a rooftop in San Francisco.

anyway for those of you knownots TIE was in some heavy crews, KWS, IRACK, BBB, T2B, etc.

That boat is one of the many memorials to TIE Because he influenced so many. werd to stewie get learned piecebypiecemovie.com.


And to stay on track TIE had many Retarded spots. Many.

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Yeah man those madrid :yuck: kids are crazy. some of my homies crew got busted for doing some crazy shit on the madrid metro, that i wont mention on here. If you watch the full video of this it might be one there. fucking insane. Peace to my homie Colbie TBC madrid.

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Originally posted by maybeuknow@Feb 27 2006, 10:32 PM

Alright guys, im not here to diss on ya thread, its dope, but

you guys just quote the same fucking picture for the whole page.

you say stupid little things like 'thats crazy' or 'thats ill'.

of course it is, thats why its in here...


the threads dope but some fucks are ruining it by quoting the

same pic about 5 times, saying stupid little 2 or 3 word comments.




I second that...Niggas need to learn to edit their post or sum...Last page was filled with the same pictures quoted over and over... :rolleyes:

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