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and its not over a picture that this man posted. its over how you talked about the picture that he posted. u think your in any position to give advice/critisism/knowledge? your not. your a new guy at this. i seriously dont understand how you think you can tell people how shit should be, when your a NEW JACK in this. and dont put my fucking name out there claiming im this guy or that guy. thats a snitch move........

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ya know im not all too good at graff myself i'll admit it, but frankly i don't go around telling people better than me whats up and tryin to shit talk them. http://seeber.deviantart.com/, you posted that shit in the graff on girls thread and seriously dude like maybe one piece in that little gallery of yours is good. Tone it down man, if that shit is you, then ya got no room to talk shit on here, know your place. Furthermore, the weed you flicked in there is pretty much all beasters with the exception of I believe one nug of heads so yea.

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this thread has potential sometimes, but literally the last twenty pages were 5 flicks a page, mostly reposts, if that, and thirty million bullshit comments about churches and shit...i thought everyone on here was artists not fucking politicians and philosiphers.....so how bout we clam up and look at paint?

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