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the graffiti artist

paint trains

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just my opinion,

i've seen a few movies like this advertised on this forum,

i think they may be a little slack for a few reasons, one they prolly (now i'm guessing), aren't written or directed by actual writers. It's got that outsider touch. I think it kind of makes graffiti look gloomy, a rough outlook on life, with a rough group of kids in a struggle, and so on. I'm basing this on the short previews for films like this i've seen. I think even the images on that link say enough. I might be wrong. Second i think that (if) these types of stories aren't written by the real deal, the fruit of it isn't really there. I know someone said this could be as bad as a love story with graffiti influence. Who knows though, could a writer make a love story interesting with graff as a base, maybe, maybe possibly. Maybe not. I think it is a little consequential though, with this group of people on this forum, the serious ones that is, the more you know the less effect a movie like this will have on you. I might be wrong.

I don't know, i'm kind of drunk, this could be a stupid post,


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did anybody look at the links page? there a link to pars' site on there as well as artcrimes among others. i wonder if this is the kind of thing where artcrimes would step in and find an artist for them to hire. on the credits that they have on the site they dont say who the artists were. i wonder if they will in the credits to the movie.

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I hate to say it but this is the most realistic graff movie since Style Wars, this is what grafffiti writers are now, gay fags from some shit country suburb who are secretly fucking after skating, racking fruit, and drinking milkshakes, to complete the film Rupture should move to NYC or SF, start using the word "nigga" and drink "40s" then fall of a billboard and die.

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Guest KephaOneLove
Originally posted by whodie@Dec 29 2004, 03:26 PM



These were in that movie, the movie sucked ass and was very gay but fun to paint for, especially all the free montana and money i made..



>>>i have to agree with everyone else...its a gay love story, with a hint of graff/....


but if you made some cash got some free paint the more power to you, just dont go around tellin everyone you had something to do with a fag

love story<<<< :king:

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