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so wait wait wait... so sense misery hasnt been paintin since 06 he's a toy? and hasnt done work? and if he were to come to columbus and do an extinguisher tag it'd get lined???? disappointing.


Same exact shit i was thinking, and if im not wrong i thought he started in 07, so thats even a less amount of time.


and he dosnt run his mouth on here constantly like others.


its always the good writers that dont talk shit every single day on here.

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Rob me? With what, yor syringe?


Maybe if you'd put down the fuckin needle and could keep your eyes open for more then five seconds you'd know I dropped PBJ


Ha, rob me..... Thats a good one.



I've been in treatment for six months, you don't know shit about me either. I take suboxen, i don't shoot dope. But as far as who I am and what I'm capable of, you don't know me any more than I know you apparently. I haven't had a job in 2 years because all I do is boost and rob mother fuckers. As much as you brag to everyone about what you've got, maybe you should think twice about who you're telling. I've got nothing to lose and obviously no reason to have an ounce of respect for you. like I said, got something to say, take it to PMs.

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I tried to be respectful man, but its obvious we aren't friends at all anymore when you don't have the common sense to listen to the truth in what I said.


And I would never pay you shit, I still to this day have done more for you than you ever did for me. At this point...I'd rob you before I'd pay you a fucking penny.


Got something else to say PM me......it just makes me sad as fuck to see someone that I used to have respect for turn into a joke. PBJ made you nothing but an egomaniac.....


Who is this if you dont wanna say but enough with all the let me tell you how its is shit..

Or back in my day shit..this is my day not your day..and these days if you dont paint legal or

Illegal wall or train..your opinion does not matter if you are noe active..


So if you wanna talk shit and never paint you gonna get clowned

Thats just how it

Painting 1-2 times a year that is not a writer..



Haps you still cool i will buy you a beer if i see you out

But please dont drop your opinion on graffiti


No way you started in 98'

Impossible you got flicks post em??

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If you need to know who I am, ask mind@ease or you don't need to know. I wanted this to be on the PM, but mother fuckers don't want it to be like that. I don't have beef with anyone, and am not trying to start shit with anyone. I'm just sick of columbus being represented by egotistical assholes who just want to fight and talk about how cool they are...shit's retarted.

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Errrrrrchhhhh pull the record back misery did a Lil thing called paid dues maybe he ain't been paintin that long but he been puttin in work the whole time and is good if he wanted to do one of those in bustown he earnd it and I'd go with em those guidelines with the party blasters is for new jacks who haven't walkd routes it blows shit up most ppl that get into graffiti are done within a few seasons or there first trip to jail don't get me wrong I love seein ppl get up but not at the cost of ruining it for everyone at least try to get good with a rattlecan before tarding out with a partyblaster shit I invite writers to come fuck Columbus up gives me shit to look at on my daily grind but really who wants toys blowin there spots up?

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It's funny when you can scroll back a few hundred pages and see some of these fools graf careers unfold on the internet.


To go from humble toy trying to be down to cocky thug love ghetto blaster in the matter of a few hundred pages is hilarious to me.


not ONE single G in this game is on here sqwuakin like some of you fools. take notes, act right.

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Almighty Spraypaint


Almighty Satan


Always Smash


Arrow Smith




plug me to chuck d

wanna fight the power


This aint workin here!!

Why am I workin here

































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everyone on here is gay.. bump pbj they have a wide crew who hits every aspect trains,throwups,pieces,straights anything. so post your gay airmaxes your mom found at khols because i bet pbj is gona post 299 pics of better shoes with sexier naked girls.. you cant win. just drop it.. this thread is lame. a bunch of washed up writers joining this forum trying to make a comeback without touching a wall surface... fuckoff..

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by fuck off i ment fuckoff all you "legal" writers who haven't hit an illegal spot in years or isnt planning on it but still brag to your friends that your the "all city kings" that goes for any mods on this site... wheres the new shit,, do it....post it...or do your fucking job as a mod and keep this site straight. dont choose sides and let petty shit go and ban real writers and keep the quiet ones around who just instigate .

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As you all can see "Jabari Daniels" is out of the game for trying to call me out (Which I believe is the second or third time under different names.) I'm letting all you fucks get your crying to eachother out of your system this past week and that's why I haven't been doing shit about it. I figure if you all call eachother bitches, hos and whatever else you rap kids use to demean, you'll eventually get tired. How many more pages are we going to ruin? What do we have now 5-6? Peace out "Jabari" I'll keep doing my abstract canvasses while you talk big things and never make them happen. P.S. You're only mad because you can't afford one. Way to tell me how to do my job by the way, when you're one of three or four that cause ALL the shit in here.


With that being said; Mind@ease, Celt, Dru-nkkid, whoever else. Let it go or more people are out and eventually I'll just shut the page down. And the first person that talks shit about me threatening to shut the page down again is gone for good. I'll see you krazy phat taggerz tonight. Let's see if we can all hug it out by then.


-Lost 113 OTR WYS


*One last thing...


Talk to me about this "Real Hiphop Graffiti"?

I was out crushing fools in emcee battles all through the 90's right before I went out and crushed their surrounding neighborhood with style.


Where were you??? Probably at home, finishing your homework and getting ready for bedtime.


I was born and raised in these streets we all paint, living the life in the golden era of real hiphop...Not some suburban transplant like some people who frequent this site.



This ain't no comeback, I've never left.


There's fresh paint and ink popping up from me all the time.


I've taken some steps back and scaled down over the years because I'm a GROWN ASS MAN with a real life, not some smoked-out manchild who has no identity outside of graffiti.


I've got almost 20 years in this scene...Holler back when you do.


Why am I even justifying against this fool? You cats doing your thing know the deal.


-Respect to those here who deserve it.


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