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Point me to the omg in this message you soft ass bitch


Sorry im not in the habit of giving strange men on the internet my phone number, as you obviously are. Think i need you fucking fags calling me private? We dont give a fuck about you or your dumbass graffiti club.


Funny you didnt mention alot being a little fucking scene pussy in that little ragefit


Somehow i feel once you have a pistol pointed at you your whole tone would change. This aint highschool assclown, Im 26, kid


also cute that kid with the fucking @ sign in his name is complaining about abbreviations on the internet. Guess you didnt know your boyfriend called mob and said he didnt want none


Oh, alot said he didn't want none? Is that why your boy called him and said he didn't want to continue the beef and the shit got dropped?


Somehow I feel like you can't read, because I told you you put a gun in my face I'm takin that shit home with me. Judging by your graffiti ima guess your only holding a Jennings at best, but I dont got a problem takin it home. My Lil brother could use a new toy, kno what I'm sayin


Haha, motherfucker sayin he's 26 like that's some shit to be scared of


So check it, either give me your number and quit actin scared or have your buddy MOB call alot or some shit, but if your just gonna run your mouth from the safety of your keyboard - shut the fuck out


This is me publicly callin you out (again)

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whats the point of writing graffiti if you fucking suck at it?


just to chime in, nobody in this set is a trust fund kid. some cats parents got money thats whatever, we all grown. nobody out here livin with mommy and daddy, you got it twisted. yes in columbus there are art fag writers. but they go to art school. and dont paint. you seem to be drawing a lotta random conclusions here. talkin bout train yards and shit. you aint never set foot in a yard in your life dude. train ave is not a yard not even close. try painting rockport you pussies. make sure you duck the bull

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