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A letter


I have been hearing about the fact that you and T are accusing each other of being a snitch.

The sad truth is that neither of you two was behind this set-up,but your beloved friend COPE2 was.( I was told by someone who knows the truth)


COPE2 was not only just a snitch but a informant who worked for years for VS.

J Riveras book shows a hateletter from Cope on the back??,while at the same time Joe says in the book that Cope was a friendly young man bla bla.This does not make any sense unless Cope is an informant.


Did you know that the clean trains Cope paints on film,without a mask??? were staged by Joe and Cope to prove that Copes a legit hardcore train bomber,so that he was able to infiltarate the graff scene and snitch writers.


Ovie,Ket the twins and a bunch of other guys were snitched by Cope.

Its a shame you and T-kid are accusing each other because of fucking Cope2.

The ugliest part is that Cope himself has said that is is either “them or him”.

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edisons pizza was alright, steves was garbage this time.

HT homies: sorry we didnt get to paint, I holler next time, or vice versa if yall wanna come thru the bus...



steves is always garbage, cockroach hotdogs allday.

why/who the fuck cares about cope2 whys that shit in here?

and yo same to all you cbus dudes, lets throw that shit down soon.

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i heard paler is an international sealife smuggler....


but keep that on the low...


shit went down tonight, and tiptop was ready...... so watch out, PBJ in full effect, for you bitches on our


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