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Originally posted by TucanSalmon@Mar 2 2005, 05:15 PM

he has a nice technique but no real letter form, i dont know man, this is all real fuckin stupid to begin with though, not one person can ever speak for a city, he is trying to speak for 2 cities he obviously has very little part in. more flick simples...


Dude you know nothing about me. Who the fuck are you? nice technique? letter structure? dude I could draw circles around you.. I could do a better piece with your name than you could. Your trying to critique my shit... nigga gimme a break. either show and prove or shut your priest felating mormon ass up. I speak for myself and the homies I paint with.

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Originally posted by MuthaMolesta@Mar 2 2005, 05:38 PM

much props to simples for at least showing me something worthy. However I gotta disagree with you on that style comment. LA got its style on lock. nonetheless keep posting. your fellow dumbass Ohioians should follow suit.


You talk too much. No one gives a shit about your approval.



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