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maybe I'll come out of retirement and paint the spots that are left.



It'll be like "I am Legend" except replace zombies with walls for me and Will Smith with a loudmouthed, blond Polish guy.







:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I dont know whats more homo:

Your wack ass graffiti?

Or the fact you have pre made pics, to cleverly talk shit through a camble soup can?


I mean seriously, do you think that makes you cool? "dude im so fuckin cool man I dont gotta talk shit I got pictures I made to do it for me!"


when you got shit talking pictures on deck, thats when you know your an e-fag



come on kids, lets hear some more shit talk about what your NOT gonna do?

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Hek piece:



Desto piece:



Hek Rooftop in chill ass back alley:



Desto Rooftop on busy as fuck Summit ave:



Hek Street hit:



Desto Street hit:




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thats the THIRD time you've posted the same shit in the past three pages... stop just bump the old flicks if you really want to see it on a new page

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mixed: stolen, own, metal, brick, old, new...deal with it











rip now gone..vvv







bad pic...vvvvv















fuckn sidebusters...wackness...vvv



all i can give for now..

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was just in cleveland on friday, dope city you guys have. i'm guessing downtown gets the buff pretty hard? saw some shit coming in to town, and lots of rolling steel, but downtown was tagless.

you must have not been looking or only on one street...

Downtown is full of Droids , BAK and BHS.


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more like some of us have painted long enough to remember real graffiti pre it was the "cool" thing to do and over run by jr high school kids that think they are burning because they painted 4 spots in there three week long career. Graffiti yoused to be about style and respect not the "internet".

bump cleveland heads








and bojangles is old enough to be your fathers and painted rooftops before you were in diapers, but thats just it, you little kids think graffiti is about chat rooms and shit talking if by some freek chance any of you actually stick around for a few years and start to actually understand or have some sort of comprehension of what graffiti is you will then realize how dumb you all make yourslef look everyday . you motherfuckers dont even know how to dribble but you keep telling michael jordan that you will school him in a one on one. the internet was the death of graffiti but what are you gonna do its already happenend but its ok because in a few years it wont be "cool" to paint anymore and the real people will stay doing there thing. so keep on BURNING all the people that have been painting since before you even knew graffiti existed.



do your thing ohio!

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Bojangles is a snitch

:mad2: :mad2: :mad2:





what are you trying to say?


:mad: :mad: :mad:



i agree with him fully... better for some member to be put in place than for the ohio thread to be closed. some of us enjoy coming on here to look at flicks and not talk. all he was trying to do is make sure this thread sticks around.


bump for bojangles...

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