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some people are severe dick riders.. ote and ttk beef stay out of it. ttk has fucked up with ote, with stk, with ta, with poc, time and time again and has been givin second chances time and time again, funny how people not even from cincinnati, not in any of the crews involved have the most to say about the shit. ttk is done, end of story, and ote members have tried to meet up with em, scrap it out, but none of em want it. so they will just keep getting gone over, keep getting beat down when caught up with, end of story. noep was the only one that had any type of respect here, now thats gone, heir is a fucking augor msk cock kisser, necu...lol @ that guy, fokus is bout as fragile and built as my lil niece, max is a crybaby, berok sith bair and the rest of em are just all bitches. noep wont even answer my calls, heir just giggles on the phone like a girl when offered to meet up with and fight. they are all bitches with no heart, no respect, and no clout.


hey noep, thanks for pouring my water for me, the salad was delicious too, nice flannel fuckboy.


Talking shit on the Internet, that's cute

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Ote is hands down the most fucking pathetic graffiti crew in cincinnati.... they are the fucking reason why people hate graffiti because there shit is so fucking horrible. Rome fucking acting all hard and shit when you didnt even have your homies back against 2 fucking 18 year olds and your calling us pussies.... and benz the last i checked you havent done shit youve just sent your little shitty ass minions ( skruf, uforik, guile who by the way also all suck) out to do all the fucking work for you..... You have been painting for like 10 years and your can barely even paint a fucking straight letter.... Yea and we will scrap with you guys just in no way shape or form are we stupid enough to do it on your terms. The last i checked if you ask anyone from outside cinci ttk> ote any day of the week. And yea if you wanna talk about actual style yea there is none in ote none of you have any sort of orignality or proportionof any sort





i have never seen an outline so butchered in my life.... like are you fucking serious this is just pathetic

O yea and benz has fetal alcohol syndrome


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Good thing you have no idea what you're talking about. The outlines were sent to me to the night they were painted. I could go on but I don't need to prove myself to you. If I'm a pussy then fight me? I've called everyone of you out individually and heard nothing back. Go ahead and keep dick riding and biting all of df crew and say we have no style. Whenever you get done with easter at your grandmas give me a call.

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im not out there painting anymore and you know why, and its funny you say that, cuz uforik and guile both burn you, aktoe and alpha has more originality and heart then your whole crew. this is the last post im putting on here, "our terms" lol we tried to set up, any two ttk members and any two ote members to fight, or however way you wanna do it, sounds pretty fair to me? but nooo, so we will just catch you guys whenever. hey post that "vandal league" wall and ill post an augor flick and then we will talk about originality LOL


see you around heir.

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tho the beef is fun to watch when theres flicks involved, almost all of the involved parties "SUCK UNTILL FURHTER NOTICE". its just the nature of the beast. why dont youi fools call a truce and practice a little more so your graffiti and crew beef doesnt seem so contrived.

now shake hands...

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Espo’s Rules Of Graffiti


You suck until further notice


It’s gonna take a long time before we even acknowledge your existence, even longer before we can bear to look at that foul scribble you call your name. To speed the process of acceptance, you can A) Choose a clever name that defies the norm of simple-minded slang. An example of a good name is “ARGUE” (RIP). It looks good when written, sounds cool when spoken, and conveys a combattive attitude. On the other hand, “ENEMA” (actual name) looks, sounds, and conveys a shitty attitude. BE CHOOSY. B ) Use paint, gain a thorough knowledge of supplies, remember that permission walls, stickers, and dust tags are small parts of a balanced diet, be bold, learn a style of writing for every occassion,and write your name bigger every time you go out.


Jealousy is a diesease for the weak


Your heart is your greatest possession, dont let it get taken from you.


Dont write on houses of worship, people’s houses in general, other

writer’s names, and tombstones. Writing on memorial walls and cars is beef beyond belief. Furthermore, involving civilians in your beef is grounds for dismissal. These are are the five fingers of your right hand. Get to know them well. Give soul claps, firm handshakes, and throw smooth bolo punches.


At this stage you can bite all you want with no remorse. All your elders will say is, ” Awww isn’t that cute, kootchie kootchie koo.” So steal that dope connection, rob that color scheme. and loot whole letterforms. Dont worry about giving any credit, we’ll pat ourselves on the back and brag how we’re influencing the next generation. However, style isnt a crutch or a schtick. It is understanding why that connection you bit flows, or why that color scheme bumps. Style is the process to an appealing end. Once you got it down to a science, you can reinvent letterforms to suit yourself. This creative growth will amaze the old and young alike. Pretty soon somebody will steal your secret sauce and the cycle will be renewed. If this happens to you, don’t bitch about not getting your due. Graffiti is the language of the ignored. If your style is stolen, someone heard you speaking. You got what you wanted from the beginning, some attention, you big baby.


It must be noted that the vandal squad loves graffiti. Their job requires

them to fiend for graff as much as you do. When you wreck enough walls, they’ll want to meet you. Just like the ball huggers outside the graff shop, they’ll recite every spot you hit, with the difference being you’ll also hear the Miranda Warning. To postpone this, go solo as much as possible. Dont write with anyone that wont fight for you. Don’t be paranoid, but be careful. If you avoid writing on pristine properties, you’ll stay in misdemeanor territory, and you wont divert the cops’ attention from pastry and caffiene consumption (consult local laws to be sure). Remember, if they didn’t see you do it, it’s almost impossible for them to win a conviction without your own damming testimony. Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Giving a cop info on another writer will doom you to a life of ridicule, from cops and kids alike, with no parole.


There’s nothing wrong with knowing your the shit as long as you are. But once you reach that conclusion, your one foot over the edge of falling off. Watch your step fathead, there’s no shortage of people chanting, “JUMP JUMP JUMP!” There are plenty of writers that have been painting well for the better part of 20 years, and your posing and fronting looks retarded next to them. Get back to work, you “never was” slouch. In conclusion, graffiti is free, impresses the girls, is heroic in our couch potato culture, will provide you with a million stories to tell at parties, and a sure cure for the inner-city blues. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong or have been doing it too long.


So get going, fame awaits the fly among you.

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