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If you're dissing someone, you don't like them, you're disrespecting them. Wouldn't it make it a better diss that he didn't even take the time to fill it in? Seems a lot more hateful letting the other writer see their shit ruined. Just an opinion. Really don't care about any silly "beef" you guys have. Sounds more like morning star anyhow...


no.if ur not gona fill the throw in all the way, why not just do a big ol tag over it? the dusty throw look over a huge stylish throw makes you look weak. if you watch the AMUSER 126 lil documentary he disses a few fools pieces with some solid filled in throws...SKUF even said "you cant tell who was under this shit", and frankly i see the horse under that rome. i see the desto throw before i see the reign tag over and so on...

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I understand starting with basics and taking baby steps towards advancement but cmooonnn man what ever happened to piecing?? having a solid straight letter is no doubt the building block to all other forms of graffiti but save that shit for street spots. if you got the time to sit there and paint, push your letters. no offense. but you can get mad if you want.

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