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yeah i know what it says. But if I didn't know what it said, it would say sokoe. Don't get butthurt about it. Hopefully With Criticism people can get better. happy halloween

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Reasonable response gets a reasonable answer:

I call them kids cause they act like it. Constantly online talkin shit, to a kid who admittedly wants NO beef, is not finishing it.

Like Cker, he's got his ass whooped by y'all plenty of times, admits it, asks to be left alone, and yall bully this 120lbs 3fingered dude like its bein a man and handling your beef.

No. Y'all are bullying small defenseless people. Corny.


Smashing him in the face with his own paint can was finishing the beef.


And CKER really? Never touched him. The ONLY time he got beat up was when he threw the first punch on Misery. FACT. Don't gimme that "defenseless" bullshit. Nice job dry snitching on him tho..


If you need to call us "bullies" just cuz you can't win a fight with us, go ahead. I don't give two fucks what you think.


Since I'm the only member of TA that posts on this site I assume you're talking to me.

If you want beef you can have it, if not shut the fuck up and stop making yourself look stupid.

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Point incase -- the RIDLE has Aerrows BRO... its get BUMP'd



Back again..is the increeedible ,writers edible....




Don't cover your baby face sonette

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I'm into reppin my state as a whole instead of down talkin one of the cities in my home. Levs


Bump the fuk outta this post

Why y'all gotta fight/beef in small ass Ohio??


Unity like Rick James said


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