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Everyone's doing Revok, duh. U aint know kiiiiid? CROWS in 7th Letter now. Gets free cool graffiti related topical tshirts. DUH. #StepYourSponsorshipGameupHOMIE




:"uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh" ,


"This aint no muthafuckin' P..hang the phone up"


-dial tone-

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IOh yeah...


PS. Anyone want to get matching outfits and similar bike model/types and we can rock letters on denim jackets and meet every wednesday nigth @ 8 PM and ride thru downtown-like areas in a huge cool group and take nifty pictures of us and make it seem as if we're bonding but in a BRO-way and be called rebels, plus we can tune eachtother's bikes up. We'll be called the Huskers..like corn, huskers..get it .. .ok nvrmind. Just be by the bell tower by 7:45 and we can ride offinto the sunset with our rayban's on.

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i mean, more like revok INFFLUENCED. dont get me wrong


if by influenced, you mean you bit his shit?.......


MSK "influence" = youre a huge toy. It takes only the corniest of corny to dudes to so blatantly jock the most famous writer in the country, during his time in our part of the country.


12oz = for fags, cant believe I wasted time arguin with you pussys hahaha


speakin of: I seen the TA kids super dissin Avert last time I was on here. Avert, while a nerdy ass dude, is a COOL ass dude. And he never claimed to be tough. Dont be mad that this one tiny little nerdy kid is more talented than your whole crew. ROFL, I cant imagine what kind of tough guys it takes to chase lil avert and cker around cincinnati??? Maybe I'll go to your city and ask how big you guys are??? hahaha


pss tell misery to get a new outline, jesus christ

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