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me smashin on my favorite video game ever.



me doing that computer shit.



damage yo!?




me taking my girl out, she got cerebral palsy and can fucking burn yo. too hard for tha redline dawg.












i met some hippies.




my sister burns yo, she ain't no groupie so don't holler.




for real!





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An open letter to white kids from the suburbs painting on the Ghetto.


Someone please enlighten me: Where does your sense of entitlement come from to drive your cars to poor neighborhoods and write on peoples' property?

Yes, I know you smoke blunts, spend 10 hours a day on 12oz, and talk a whole lot garbage(not to mention paint it), but seriously, you're white kids from the suburbs painting your corny ass names on the Ghetto and it matters to only you and a couple of corny ass friends.


I must be missing something here. There must be some deeper message behind all of this because you can't possibly by as dumb as you all look. After all, you're white kids from the suburbs who have been given chances to do something with your lives, but you choose to go jack up poor peoples' shit.


I want to hear some real answers. No threats, no 'golf claps', no, "that shit makes me want to paint more."


please, enlighten the general populace here in cleveland. we're listening.



1. not everyone in the burbs are white, and not everyone in the ghetto is black

2. u must of missed out on the hip-hop era

3. cleveland looks like shit, it will always look like shit, some colorfull pieces make it look better

4. u should be more concerned about tearing down the abandoned buildings instead of whats drawn on them.

5. same as 4 but with houses.

6. not everyone is out to destroy the environment, some just enjoy art and have rules.

7. if u live in the hood, spray paint should be your last fucking worry, you should be more worried about how safe it is to walk to the fucking store, about how many perverts are praying on a girl becuase shes pretty, how unsafe it is just to get gas and the list goes on. if you get rid of them problems it gets rid of graffiti, but if u get rid of graffit youll still have them same fucking problems.

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in cleveland u got some black kids from the suburbs to why arent u hating on them? some of em are better off than "these white kids"

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This is probably your best attempt yet.

(Yes, that was a compliment. Not a diss.)


kinda looks like a ether bite.

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kinda looks like a ether bite.


That's lame , he was being serious . And he was being appreciative but not a dick .

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