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how else have you gotten up?


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Originally posted by RubbeRBand@Dec 18 2004, 06:28 PM

nice thread-


the only alternative I can think of- and it's only for folks up north- is pissing in the snow. Every time man, it's something new and diff.


the wurst i must say is hearing of a person who tagged a bathroom with a piece of shit.



I'd like to see a girl graff artist pissing her tag in the snow.

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i heard that people sometimes use bug spray to catch tags that only show up in the rain. have any of you tried it?


you can use gorilla glue

A STICK OF BUTTER!!!!!!! you can seriously use a stick of butter. me and my friend had nothing to do so we were looking for stuff to go write on the school with... all he had was a stick of butter in the fridge... we went and wrote random stuffon the sidewalks... the next day we went back at it was clearly visible we were like " oh shit, ahhaha" and it stayed their for a long time and when they finally got it cleaned off their was like a film of butter stuff on this drainage water..... so butter works fo reals try it on windows


when i used to wax curbs to skate, i used to write shit on the sidewalk, and in the hot sun it would fully show up, for like 2 years

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power washerssssss. This summer i did some work for my dads m8 just to earn a little bit on the side. He asked me to power wash his patio so im there tagging it all over and shit and then it goes bang and stops working. He was trying to sell the house and when i left he had half a clean patio and loads of doodles in his drive way.

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i work outdoor at different peoples homes. its not common to ask the customer if you can come in and use the bathroom.

So i choose to piss any free place i can find. almostt every single time illl throw up a urine handstyle or hollow. my way of sticking it to em with out being totally out of line.

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