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Guest ?!?!


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Guest ?!?!

i like stickers.

not gay stickers

i just got new cases for my 1200s.

i needs neato stickers to put all over it.

but i cant find any good ones.

awhile ago i saw this site that if you sent them a few dollars they would send you a pack of stickers, only they were good stickers.

it was set up like, if you make your own stickers you send them abunch and they send them out in the packs. lots of cool shit, from foreign countrys and shit too.

i want stuff like that. hard to get though.

anyone know what im talking about, or anything else like that.



thanks you



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What is a gay sticker?


is it a sticker that says:



Is Gay




because I would like that sticker and consider it the opposite of gay, but I realize that, in this case, that isn't hetero... anyway maybe you mean something like bathtub flowers, those always seemed kinda gay, but more grandma than gay, unless your grandma is gay, mine weren't, as far as I know... anyway, if you don't turn this thread into something other than just begging for stickers, it will have to be... uh... weeded...


think of something interesting to say about stickers you've seen, ask where to get those, or something, not just hand out begging...

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