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Bode characters always add that finishing touch...

Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you


Posted Images

critz on the silver simples?

get detailed with the critz people!


mkay, details::

i'm not a fan of the extension on the bottom of the V... looks a little pointless, maybe it would be nicer if the V was just a little larger, like longer. personal opinion, it looks fine how you have it but i think itd be better without that.

the star on your I looks funny. if you're going to do a star, make it with one line. damn i dont know how to explain what i mean... uh, with the crosses...


like that cuz, except not upside down, because that's Wiccan or something... anyway, if you do it like that it will be easier to make the star's even / straight or whatever.

the C gets too skinny on the curved part.

uhm, where the T touches the bottom of the C, make the black go straight to the outline of the C, not stop off before it hits...


the bottom of the O's outline is a little shaky, keep it a little smoother.

your R looks a little gimpy on the up-side. might look better if the legs are not so long and the hole in the middle were bigger...



i'm not even going to go to the second one, because honestly they are both really good and i was being super duper nit-picky and obnoxious.

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and it's adderall. i'm in love with that shit. i got it once from a friend, four of em, i took three. but uh.... there's some other shit that costs sooooo much less, just gotta take a little more than the name brand shit cuz it aint as effective. so yeah, now i use the other shit.

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DAMN this just hit. Mad props to wease, it goes to show, that while (no offence) she may not be on top of her simples

SHE KNOWS what she is trying to go and what its looking like, cause she can help criticise and she even took the time to draw that shit out and post it up..from now on, ima make a attempt to help to that for serious toys and help them all out, cause fuck, for real, instead of practice simples she pointed out areas, and that helps me out, im feelin hella cracked out now, and my hands are shaking cause Im sittin on 120 mg of aderhell in like...uh...20 min timespan. and i blew arround 30 of that. but it helps!! i really wana light a blunt but when im done sketching i need the aderhell for studies and blunts kill my motivation. back to topic...

props to louise

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crystal i like the last one, but id kinda like to see something done more with the 3d, i know i should practice what i preach, but i cant fucking get 3d fills right on my life, im just sayin id like to see a redone work of that one with like one of your complex fills and all that, a finished product you might say

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hmm I might be able to squeeze that in later on today, but i got loads of shit im doing for finals..these were from in class..but i dont know what else I will post today.


Few small errors..but what can you do about it class! Spacing on the last victor, the R on the last victor isnt clean..


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